Monday, August 29, 2011

those funny little things that happen that make life, life.

I have three little girls.

they add a fair dose of drama to our house.

a lot of humor.

too much excitement at times.

here’s just a sampling of the shenanigans that have gone on the past week:

lynn has another loose tooth.  she won’t let me touch it, but complains about how it bugs her and has given her a sore on her tongue from playing with it.

she is also terribly nervous about the moment (which will inevitably come), when her third grade teachers will start to throw all of the “hard” stuff her way.

she passed her level one, basic ice skating class!!

she has also started channeling her inner comedian.

then there is ashley.

she is growing up. 

the child who was once afraid of talking in front of people, saying prayers in primary, etc.,  has started to voluntarily, and by herself, fill in for kids who aren’t there.  amazing!!

she is also the child, who will lose things.

she is at school all day now.  (sniff..)  which means she doesn’t have lunch with me anymore. (sniff..) which means that I pack lunch for her to eat at school.  (sniff sniff..) 

now I could put her lunch in a boring old brown bag, but that might just depress her.  if I put it in her fun hello kitty lunch bag, it will make her happy, but she will lose it.  honest!

so as school started last week, so did the eating lunch at school minus her mommy, and the hello kitty lunch bag went too.

it came home two days in a row, and the third day, it was forgotten.

now do I know my kid or what?

it was happily reunited with us friday.

she is also obsessed with dinosaurs.  mammoths are her favorite, and she will happily recite random facts about them to you if you listen.

(allosaurus is a close second.)

and the youngest of our bunch has an obsession with taylor swift.  I need to record her singing along to a few songs and post it.  it’s pretty darn cute.

she is also currently idolizing mulan.

she even butchered her hair (but not obviously), in an attempt to be like her.

I swear, every time I fix her hair, I find a new spot that has been trimmed or scalped.

p.s. merrill turned 32 on saturday.  he desired a low-key day, no cake, but he does make a handsome 32 year old!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

and then there was august..

I don’t want to depress you..  I don’t want to depress myself, but did you know, were you aware, that august is almost over?


next week, and that’s it.

hello september.

see, I depressed you.

shame on me.

I really am sorry.

maybe what I have been working on, catching up on (because I’ve been enjoying the last bit of my summer and playing a lot), will help to cheer you.

they just make me long for summer…

(click on image for list of full credits + links.)

summer fun copysummer memorieses copysweetlittlemermaid copythatface copy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Say it isn’t so…

Summer, over, really?

I don’t like the idea of this.

So I am going to proclaim that it isn’t over, nope, not really.  Not yet.

We still have stuff we want to do.  So much more fun to be had!

So what if they are “in school”.  I will just pretend that it is just a practice run until our summer fun is really over and done.  (Well, more like when the weather doesn’t shout summer at us anymore.)

august 006ed

Sunday night, we slept out on the trampoline, you know, one last “hoo-rah” before bedtime becomes nazi-ish again. 

(And when I say “we”, I really mean just me and the girls.)

We attempted this in July, the night of the 5th (really our 4th what with the real fourth being on Sunday and all..) but a little rainstorm somewhere around 3 in the am cut out night out on the trampoline short.

This time, I was going to have all our bases covered.

- good weather (check)

- mosquito repellant (check)

- plenty of cushiness (check, check, check, check)

- sprinklers off (check)

Or so I thought on that last one.

4:30 am I hear the combined gush of air and water and then one drop, that was all it took, right on my forehead.  I was up faster than I have been in a long time, running back into the house, out to the garage, and turned that water off!!

It was pleasant sleeping after that.

Well, until that period of time, right before dawn, when I would swear to you it gets its coldest.  I wasn’t sleeping too well then.  I wished I’d had my socks on then.  So instead, I curled up in a little ball, snuggled close to Peyton’s warm little body and fleece blanket, and all was better.

Yesterday evening was back to school night.  We knew exactly what we were going to get with Ash’s teacher, and we were ALL very excited about that.  Lynn was a little nervous about her teachers.  There was a last minute switch to her teaching line-up that left my already nervous daughter that much more.  I think some of her fears were put to rest after meeting them.

We came home and had family home evening.  We talked about prayer, that the girls can always go to their Heavenly Father in prayer, whenever they need help.  Even if it is while they are sitting at their desk and need help.  We also talked about the priesthood, how it blesses our lives.  Merrill then gave them each a father’s blessing to start their year off right.

Peyton was so excited, she even got one too.

That is a tradition I cherish.

Then there was last night.

Sleeping (or trying to).

In our own beds.

At a nazi-ish time.

I don’t know who slept worse..  me or them. 

august 022

Third grader..  times-tables and cursive?  Really?!  Good heavens, I had to buy her a flash drive as part of her school supplies.

august 027ed

And then there’s the first grader.

I will miss her terribly come 11:30.  She will have lunch, at school.

It is a happy time of life.  It really is all good…

august 040ed

But it sucks that summer is over.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

there was this one time, that we went camping, and i wanted to take the bikes, but didn’t have a tow kit, or a bike rack, so i did this..

august 008

ratchet tie-down straps and all my muscle/energy/patience and there you have it.  (there are 3 mountain bikes and one bmx with training wheels up there.)

this was the way to start off our week of camping.  (with a lot of fun!!)

driving up the canyon, i realized that i forgot the milk, at home in the fridge.  no big deal, we could buy some at the valley market.  so we drove on.  once we reached the turn-off for snowbasin, about the top of trapper’s loop, i realized that I also left the camping chairs, on the floor in the garage.

so we turned around.

one cannot fathom how completely crushed my children were, especially lynn, who had been talking about this trip for the whole summer..  she was driving me so crazy the day before, I nearly sent her packing, on her bike, with a headlamp, her stuff strapped to her back, and a map.  “we’ll see you there tomorrow!!”

(she was just a little excited.)

after our take two, we eventually got to camp.

(we wish we were still there.)

(like, really bad.)

you can see why:

grandpa got to come along…

august 015

lynn loved spending every day she could with sophie.

we all loved playing at the river.

august 040

loved cade’s (my nephew) expression…    james and ash.

august 045     august 052august 063

just for you mom!!

august 079

august 111      august 130

painting rocks..

august 150

playing headbandz and other games.  uno got fierce when merrill was there.

august 157

other crafts that involve rocks.

august 158

being with our favorite cousins.

august 166

talking around the fire.

august 180

painting nails, very dirty nails..  and toes..  and feet.

august 202august 240august 248

who does she belong to?!  sheesh…

august 269


august 298

my dad.

august 332

s’mores.  we (sophie and myself) tried them with caramellows.  i highly recommend it.

along those lines, i would also like to highlight some other camping favorite foods.

-tin foil dinners (or hobo dinners)

-hot dogs (usually all beef, cooked over the fire).

-easy cheese and crackers.

-um, marshmallows..  of course!

and a new one, banana boats (thanks jacks!!).

august 355

this is my niece abby.  this was the condition of her face about 90% of each and every day.

isn’t she darling?

august 373

ken would tell the girls stories around the campfire each night.  there was one in particular about a cannibalistic doll.  lynn became possessed and chased ken around camp with her little napkin tucked in and a knife and fork.

(she refuses to sleep with her doll anymore.  thanks ken.)

august 374

we had plenty of laughs.

this day, levi and ash started using the bike pump, pressed against their skin to make fart sounds.  it was pretty funny.

august 397

each and every day there was a dream, one i didn’t want to leave.  maybe because i love it up there with all my family, maybe it’s the simplicity.  maybe it’s because school is supposed to start next week…

either way, i didn’t like coming home so much to the tv, the computer, the phone…

i would seriously take washing my laundry in a small tub, hanging it to dry, and cooking over a fire, over all the crap that we have.

(call me crazy.)

august 406

my kids miss their grandparents and cousins.

i miss the simple life, the relaxation.  having two other women to wash faces and feet with every night.

i even kinda miss the mosquitoes and the fragrance of bug repellant…  the screech owl that visited us every night..


p.s. i ate an ant.

p.p.s. it was on a dare.

p.p.p.s. my dad was the dare-er.

p.p.p.p.s. so you see, i HAD to do it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a special moment with my "most special-est" middle child.

today was a fun day.
i had only two children for the bulk of the day instead of my usual three.
so it was just me, the youngest, and the middle.
during our day, ashley asked rather thoughtfully, "mom, is it true that the middle child is the most special-est?"
suppressing a laugh, i answered her in the affirmitive.
"you bet."
there was a little chorus of "yes-es" and fist-pumping from the middle seat (perfect for that  middle child, wouldn't you say?) at my response.
"i knew i was the most special-est!!!"
after a while, she came to me, rather somber again, and asked, "mom, even though i am your most special-est child, because i am the middle child, you still love us all equally, don't you?"
i had to answer yes again.
such a sweetie.  glad she is embracing her middle child role.