Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Bathtub Adventure..

After dinner, I successfully got the girls in the tub (not a hard feat).
They were splashing and giggling away..
I decided to get a few small chores done.
Finish loading the dishwasher, start the machine, clean the sink..
I went downstairs to change loads of laundry, and the giggling had turned into shrieks.
I ran upstairs to find Lynn and Ashley both perilously balancing their slippery, wet bodies on the four inch edge of the bathtub.
Poop in the tub.
In the water with the waste was the culprit, Peyton, sitting, and splashing, quite contentedly. Obviously not understanding what all the commotion was about.
I promptly removed the one from the actual bathwater (now more like toilet water), the other two were rescued from their perilous perch, and the contaminated water drained.
I kept them in the vicinity, still prepared for the decontaminating hosing-down to come, and cleaned the tub.
As I re-filled the clean tub with clean water, I told the girls to hop in.
Lynn was appalled.
"But there was poop in there!!"
"I cleaned it."
"With your BARE HANDS?!"
"Well, yes.. I happen to clean the toilets, usually bare handed, change diapers with my bare hands, and wipe bums bare handed as well."
"That's gross."
I then washed her body with my bare hands and laughed as she freaked-out when my hand got too close to her face for her comfort level. :)


jaclyn said...

you should remind lynn of the time we thought a little dirt had got in the kiddie pool....come to find out sophie had shat in it & the kids had been swimming in it for quite awhile! yikes.

Julie said...

Whoa, bare hands? You truly are amazing.

Jamie said...

Wow! At least your older girls new to get out of the tub rather than just get "it" out of the tub (can you tell I'm speaking from experience?) I love the pic of the three girls, Peyton looks so big!!

courtneycash said...

Ahhhh, memories. I had this with my third little one as well. And more than once! Waiting for Judah to join the gang...