Friday, May 22, 2009

Open House fun..

** DISCLAIMER!!! ALL PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO JACLYN.. I neglected to bring my own camera.. then went and got it, and left it in my purse the rest of the day :) So.. THANK YOU JACLYN!!!!***
Such a long day yesterday, but thanks to Diet Coke, lots of cookies, Tylenol (extra strength), my Vitamin B12 super complex, a Monster energy drink, good company, and many, many laughs.. I made it!
It was fun spending a whole day with Merrill at work, socializing, and giving tours (and did I mention eating cookies.. lots of cookies.). I even got my own snazzy name tag..I didn't want to look like the uber-friendly traveler that just happened to be staying there, greeting everyone and offering tours..
I think I should have done a bed-making demo.. or maybe a towel folding seminar.. ;)
I would have needed additional expert help... (you know who you are..)
There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony with The Chamber of Commerce..MiKell and her gi-hugant scissors..
Dixon and the Mayor of Uintah..
Kitty and our little certificate that I now get to hang :)

..then a dinner (mmmm.. catered by Sandy's) after the open house. I met many, many people. Each would look at my name tag and ask what my "job" was..
"I am the general manager's wife."
The simple sentence that in not too many words says: I wash his shirts, iron when they need it (Downy wrinkle release is AWESOME!!), go to the dry cleaners (the girls at Hoffman's and I are getting pretty tight.), make sure his house is cleaned, ensure the children are happy, and he has a meal on the table at the end of the day.. not to mention errands :D
No, really, I love it!!
I did not make a cake.. Sam's donated one.. and I cannot in any way compete with their whipped frosting, you know, that whipped-creamy kind.. yummm.. Jaclyn and I fought over the corner pieces until we realized there were two corners with frosting balloons (a.k.a. a couple slices of heaven).Jaclyn took some random photos... check me out.. that is my tongue sticking out.. Merrill is all serious-like.
Then Merrill realized something was up.. I thought it was funny, so did Gene (my new best friend who was across from us watching it all.. chuckling.).
Isn't he great?
Kaitlyn who is the best sandwich maker,who also happens to have an awesome and very current food handler's permit :) We enjoyed watching her little Lakette legs allll day long.. and we whistled at her to keep the morale high.
The focus of this pic is supposed to be me and my new BF Gene.. he's one of the Suits from Best Western. A real affable fellow. But there's David behind the front desk.. he's the one that Ashley thinks I am going to marry one day.. remember this post?
And here's "George", the buffalo. When George was "hung", Ashley asked: "Where's him butt and legs?"
We told her they were in a guest room somewhere on the second floor :D
My feet (being on them all day in heels) and hands (helloooo.. I washed I dunno how many dishes...) are recovering nicely..
(Thanks to my pals who came to see me! :D)


Emalee said...

I was so bummed I had to work! I wanted to go.....:(

Rachael said...

Sorry I missed it. I was totally brain dead yesterday.

BookwormMom said...

Everything looks totally amazing...I'm so proud to know you guys!!!

You can tell that Mer will take his job very seriously, and do it well.

jaclyn said...

that's right give credit where credit is do! :)
those cookies were divine!

Ally0005 said...

Seems you guys had a great time. Glad you left your camera she got some great pictures with you in them.

Julie said...

Thanks for the invite. It was so fun to see everything all put together. You did an awesome job.

Nye Family said...

Congrats on the big SHA-BANG. Looks like it went great. You are such a good "General Managers Wife."

Jenny said...

Congratulations! You guys have worked hard. Ok, so I am in love with you did your hair for the day. Is there a tutorial coming or what? I need to know how to do it!!!