Friday, May 22, 2009


The other day, as I was talking to mom on the phone (we do that a lot..) she mentioned that she had something for me.
This isn't unusual. Sometimes it's a favorite treat of mine she spied (she's especially good at finding chocolate covered marshmallow anything... mmmmm..) or even inspiring talks and quotes.
She's super sweet.. I love her! She's my mommer..
So after her crazy hectic day yesterday (watching the majority of her grandchildren for the hotel open house, an ALL day event..) she brought it up again as I was getting the kiddos..
"I have that something for you."She handed me an afghan, and a paper that looked an awful lot like a Patriarchal Blessing all typed up nice and neatly.
She tearfully explained, "This is the last afghan grandma was working on.." I begin to cry.. "I finished it for you to keep."
WOW!! This is going in the cedar chest..
"And I thought you might like to have a copy of her Patriarchal Blessing."
More crying..
Now, for those who might not know or understand what Patriarchal blessing is, it is not a fortune, there are no crystal balls involved, no card readings done, it is simply a blessing, filled with guidance and direction, blessings promised if we do our part, if we are faithful.
Grandma got hers later in her life, when her younger brother was called and ordained a Patriarch. It was so interesting to read, as most people get them when they are younger, and it talks about the life ahead of them.
Hers focused on all that she had done, and what she was to do with the time left.
It was also a blessing, as it has given me some help with my RS lesson for June..
I love these treasures.. awesome blessings!!


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

How beautiful that not only do you get a warm cozy afghan that your grandma and mom made, but that you get a part of her legacy as well. My grandma had started making quilts for her grandkids, but then got sick and passed away, her sister, Aunt Aud, finished them for us, what a great way to remember my grandma when I'm snuggled all warm! Enjoy!

Ally0005 said...

That is the best thing ever.
Don't put it away put it out so you can enjoy it.

Promise said...

Mind...I know if I need to shed a tear just to come to your blog! The afghan is beautiful...and that is so cool for you to have a copy of Grandma Wallace's patriarchal blessing!

Ryan said...

What a beautiful gift for grandma to give after her passing! Isn't that just like her. I remember mom telling me about her blessing, I always did think that was so interesting!