Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Lazy Saturday...

I got the rare opportunity to sleep in today..
I think it was mostly the overcast/rainy morning that deceived our body clocks into thinking it was earlier than it really was.
It was nice.
We took it slow, not having anywhere to go (like I could, or would want to with the three crazy girls in tow..). I had been invited to a Stampin' Up party, thought it better that I not go and introduce the young mother to a new world; that of my children in her home. I really wanted to go and get my new softball cleats.. yes, I cannot adequately convey my excitement on this blog, about the prospect of playing softball this summer (!!!!!). We attempted to go and get these cleats last night, but the hotel called.. it was nearly a full house last night, nearly meaning 3 or 4 rooms empty. So that would have been nice today, but scrapbooking sounded funner :)
So, as we were taking it easy, I put on some Led Zeppelin. It got us going. I love how Lynn refers to the "Immigrant Song" as "that one song, from that one Shrek movie".. then, when I don't immediately refer to it as that, instead, I call it the "Immigrant Song", she stares at me like I have only one eyebrow...
It is always fun to watch Peyton dance, shake her little booty.. she will do that to Hymns too, anything that has a beat.. she really gets going to Led.
Ashley is still on the kick that I am going to fall in love with someone else and marry him (?). This has sparked some interesting dreams. I have gotten in touch with friends from high school, in my dreams, mind you, and begun the wedding planning process.. weird.
But one of our funniest run-ins with a man other than my husband, was just the other day at the hotel.
Merrill has a couple college-age guys who work the 4-12. They are both really good guys, and cute guys too. We talk about this, and how girls hit on them while working. Many times, this is usually discussed around the dinner table. Ashley has proven to us that she has quite the memory, because, as we were down at the hotel the other afternoon, she stops me, mid conversation with David (one of the "cute" guys.. we were discussing "Twilight" of all things..), and says, "Mom, are you gonna fall in love with this guy, and divorce dad, and marry him?" she finishes, pointing directly at David, who begins to blush.
"Ashley, even if I did, he wouldn't have me because he wouldn't be able to deal with a little girl like you."
"But you said he was cute!"
David is still a little shocked.
"Yes, I did. Don't you think he's cute?"
Ashley thinks for a second.. "Well, yeah."
I am sure David had a much easier day after we left.
Everyday life continues to show us how smart and witty our little girls are.. they certainly keep us on our toes and laughing.

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