Monday, May 11, 2009

Just for Mother's Day.. I am sure..

We had a wonderful Mother's Day.. but due to the fact that I left my purse (camera inside) at my in-law's house, I did not manage to get any darling pics of me and my girls this year..
We did have quite the interesting weekend though, all of it culminating on the special day. :)
It all began on Friday night.
Friday's at our house are WooHoo!! nights. We let the girls sleep wherever they want. The place of choice usually ends-up being the family room in the basement. We inflate the air bed, let them stay up watching movies, and usually have a special treat for them to eat down there.
The one side effect of this night is that neither of them end up getting the benefit of a full night's sleep.
That takes us through one heck of a Saturday, the day before Mother's day, and all of it's preparation.
Two tired sisters.
Super fun.
Saturday night we went to the school and threw around the ol' softball, and hit a few, just for some fun practice.. consequently wore out two of the three girls. There, I demonstrated my fine mothering skills.. they had been neglected of a nutritiously balanced lunch earlier in the day, and feasted instead on handi-snacks and rice crispie bars. Werther's served as both appetizer and dessert. So, to try to make up for my lack of feeding them, I fed them an even more nutritious Wendy's kids meals for dinner, which was at 8:30 pm.
But oh, it gets better..
Peyton had been running around all day in a summer romper. Very cute little ruffled bottom on it and no sleeves, it was perfect for the heat of the daytime, not so much the chill of an early May evening, outside.
"No problem," I think, "you still have her jacket in the bag from the last game."
As she shivers in the evening chill, lips quivering and all, while they turn a slight purple, I go to the bag..
Nope. No jacket.
I am a great mother, I think.
Even greater than that, we get the girls home, one of the three in bed, then I realize: we need milk. Not to mention a few other necessities for the Sabbath, if we are to keep it holy :)
So off Peyton and I go, to Wal-Mart, at 11 pm.
See.. aren't I a great mother?
At least she had her jacket on now. :)
We get home with our foodstuffs, and find Lynn, still awake, watching a movie that starts with the word "Jack" and ends with another, we'll say, "biblical term" for "donkey".. great choice in entertainment, Dad.
She now believes that grown men, dressed in Panda costumes, running around a downtown area in a country located somewhere on the Asian continent is acceptable and hilarious.
She isn't sleepy, as I am ready to pass out, and Merrill already has.
It is sometime after 1 am, so I let her lay in our bed and watch TV..
Body count in our bed: 3.
At another point in the early morning hours, Peyton wakes up, unhappy. Me, being the great mother I am :) and a very tired one at that, gets her out of her crib and brings her back to our bed to lay down.
Body count is now at 4.
Then, I am awakened to yet another female, crying.
It's Ashley.
Guess what she wants?
To snuggle with me.
I am trying to make up for my greatness from the previous day, so I let her in.
Body count is now up to 5 in our queen size bed..
Quickly, it is reduced by two bodies. Peyton and I go seek refuge in Ashley's bed.
The count takes yet another blow, when Merrill, who awakens with Lynnie-Lou's butt on his forehead, leaves for the couch.
Body count final: 2 little bodies.
Sunday morning starts off well. It's me, alone, getting ready, reflecting on the previous week. Thinking of how I can do better.
Soon I wake up the girls, feed, bathe, and get them ready for church.
There were many emotions exhibited by the miniature women who reside in my home that morning.. not many of them pretty. Fits were thrown about things ranging from shoes to the style of hair to who's church bag is who's. It was an interesting Sunday morning.
Peyton has a blow out.. the only thing that has been consistent between all three girls growing up. When they are teething, they not only have a faucet with a constant trickle in place of their nose, they have nasty, relentless diarrhea.
(I'll spare you further detail.)
Bathe her, get her dressed, again.
But I am still not ready. I need a skirt and shoes.. oh, and the diaper bag.
I usually have these things ready Saturday night.. yeah, this Saturday was not good for that "mothering area"..
Merrill leaves with #1 and #2 in the truck.
It's just me and #3.
As I step into my shoes, I smell an awful familiar smell.. acidy... stinky.. greaaaattt..
Yup, she did it again for me...
Round two.
I get to Relief Society to hear the last five minutes or so of the lesson. Made me wish I had heard the whole thing.
The rest of the day was fun and relaxed.. I enjoyed spending time with our family.
The events of the day left me to contemplate that no matter how crazy the day is, I am so blessed to be a mother.
Even when I get to clean up a blow-out.. or two. :)


kdance10 said...

Happy late Mother's day. You are such a great mom, Your girls are very lucky to have you as there mommy.

Six-Pack Momma said...

Those little ones keep it real for us, don't they?! It sounds like you had a great day...

Ally0005 said...

A life of a mom!
One day your kids will all be going to school like mine and you will start tearing up at the kindergarten orientaiton like I did today knowing you will be alone during the day with no more babies to take care of.

BookwormMom said...

When our kids were newborns, they were allowed in our bed for nursing purposes (Kyle and Alec, anyway, Talia I'd just snuggle with if it was too early for me to get up). Then, I didn't let them in our bed until they were older. Alec in particular from the time he was 2 until I was about halfway thru my pregnancy with Talia, would come get into bed with me almost every morning, and snuggle. I'm trying to convince Talia to do the same thing, but she doesn't want to snuggle with me in my bed, only in hers. It makes me sad, so I'm a little jealous of your snugglers.