Thursday, May 7, 2009

Memory issues..

Forgetful Jones.. a contributor to my DNA I am sure..

It is crazy, and funny to me, that I can remember details of my life. Some not so important..
I remember things from when i was two.. I remember exactly what Merrill was wearing the first time I saw him. I remember the address and phone number of every place I lived (while those are not many... but do I need the information anymore?). I also seem to retain the details of the stories others tell me.. most of which are inconsequential to me.
So I find it funny, that my brain, that remembers so many un-necessary things, cannot recall the simple things. Such as putting on a slip before I head out the door to church (blush).
I am more afraid that it is genetic.
Ashley has been on a mean streak of putting her clothing on backwards. Nevermind the tags, and in newer clothing, the tag-less information printed on the inside of the garments to specify where the back is.. she puts them on backwards.
Most commonly, her underwear.
Yes.. I too, am guilty of this.
But when she does it, it looks as if she were fashioning a maternity thong (yes, they do sell those..) skimpy in the back area, and a big pouch in the front.
When I point out this to her, she says, "i am such a silly forgetter!"
So we have adopted an new identity in our home.. we each take turns in using it.. "Forgetful Jones".
I never thought that my years of watching Sesame Street would benefit my life,and the life of my children so much!

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