Tuesday, December 4, 2012

paper ball ornament

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my dear friend linda (think: “in the making design”) had this pattern available to purchase once upon a time

(sniff..  sniff…)

so I had to make due, and figure one out with these papers, that I am, again, obsessed with!


so I started out, using my cricut and using some bad words, cutting 3 inch circles.  linda suggests starting with 2 inch guys, but I wanted a big guy.  so I went three inches.

you need 20 circles.  twenty.

after you have your circles all cut out, or punched, then you start to score.  the trick is to score an equilateral triangle, perfectly in the middle of the circle, with the three points touching the edges of the circle.


I would not/could not do this without my martha stewart scoring board. 

thank you george (he’s the voice in my iPhone, sometime I will tell you all of the funny things he’s done/said).

use your bone folder to make those creases SHARP.  this makes things easier later on.

now there are a few tricks to getting those darn equilateral triangles the right size for your circle guys.  you need your triangle to be about 1/2 inch smaller than your circle.  so my triangle for my 3 inch guy was 2 1/2 inches, but the triangle for my 2 inch circle was 1 3/4 inches.  see, no exact math, but wikipedia did help out, a lot.  and now I feel guilty about not donating to their cause…

linda had an awesome template that printed right out on her “be merry” papers, but like I said before,  that was once upon a time.  (why did she have to retire?  well, I really know why..  totally support and love your guts linda, just still a little sad.)

so I guess I will just make one…

paper ornament template 

(click on it to download.  you can adjust the opacity as needed to hide it better on your paper when you print.)

so now you have 20 cute little cut and scored circles…  or maybe 10?  why did I take that picture?


next step is to start gluing.  I like tombow mono multi liquid glue.  LOVE IT!!

start with five cut and scored circles for the top, and five more for the bottom.

you will glue them so the points all go to the middle.  it will look kinda like a lid.

(and eating white chocolate peppermint m&ms seems to help out too..)


do this for the top and bottom, and then set them aside.

you will take the remaining 10 cut and scored circles, and start gluing them to each other so it makes a band of sorts.


put glue on your tabs on one side of the band, and attach the top, then do the same for the bottom.


cute, right?

you can always add a bit or ribbon or string so you can hang them if desired.

many thanks to linda for her inspiration.

(xoxoxxooxxxx linda!!!)

I know I am not done making these.  pretty sure they will be filler everywhere around my house!


Jana Holden said...

Great job Mindy! I was going to try these last year but alas, I never did.

Monica Lifferth said...

Thanks for the freebie! Love these!

Ally's Corner said...

These are awesome!!

Missy said...

I've been coveting my friend's scoring tool. I need to woman up and buy myself one, don't I!

Linda said...

Why did I never comment? Duh!

You rocked these, and I looove that you used different papers for the sides of the balls.

Thank you ever so much for the write up. You are far too sweet!