Monday, December 3, 2012

monday’s aren’t all that bad…

so I propose that we start this week off with some excitement!!
what do you think?
good, glad you agree.
I am not sure if it can get any more exciting than this little tidbit.
(and by “little tidbit”, I really mean HUGE AWESOME MOST EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT EVER!!!)
let me preface this by stating the fact that I own a few (ahem..) books of darling american crafts rub-ons.  I bought them by twos.  my fault for naming my kids what I did.  they all have letters in common, I need the rub-ons!! 
photo (2)
(yes, rub-ons are still relevant in my book..)
I also have a little stash of american crafts paper..  don’t judge the stuff that is old, and I just haven’t found a project “worthy” enough to use it on.
let’s not discuss the spools (capital S belongs on the end of that doosy) of ribbon I own. 
photo (3)
yowsa.  only three spools on those top two sections aren’t american crafts….
so it was kinda sorta a match made in heaven when I got an email (most exciting one in a long time) inviting me (ME!!!) to be on the american crafts creative team.
you heard me right. 
american crafts.
as of today, they have a site where you, lucky, lucky little you, can go and buy your favorite traditional goodies, digitized!!!
what do I mean by favorite goodies?
think:  becky higgins project life, american crafts, crate paper, pebbles, amy tan!!!
hop on over, sign up for the email list, grab a freebie,  buy stuff at 25% off, and have a chance at winning some AWESOME stuff!!
I have had the fun of playing with some of these products in advance…
littlejoys copy
here's one with the amy tangerine's "ready set go" kit.
(other elements: stitching- anna aspnes; "x" stitches and staples- crystal wilkerson; frame- kitschy digitals.)
a happy  monday indeed!!


Rachael said...

Mindy+american crafts+New Silhouette Portrait=Fabulousness!!! Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! What a magnificent marriage! I can't wait to see what gorgeousness you will create!

Jenn/PrettyinPosies said...

i love this post. i laughed so hard when i saw that stack of rub-ons (i did the same thing, back in my paper days, still have them. ;) shh!)
here's to mondays!!!

Monica Lifferth said...

Congrats Mindy! You totally deserve it!

Laurie said...

You and I were meant to be together. I also have have spools of AC ribbon and stacks of their paper. I blame it on the warehouse sale that just happened to be going on right by my hotel last time I went to UT. It was fate. ;)

Jana Holden said...

Wow Mindy, how exciting! Congratulations and so well deserved!

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Congratulations, Mindy!!! How awesome for you :)

LivE said...

AC is awesome, but YOU, my dear mindy, are even MORE awesome! ;) congratulations! <3

Missy said...

I can't wait to read all about the awesome babies this new marriage will produce! Ha! Congrats chick! P.S. I may or may not be sitting in front of a white shelf entirely full of ribbon. It's "my precious". Oh, I mean, what? Ribbon, I have no clue what you are talking about.