Monday, December 24, 2012

the most perfect family photo (and a very merry christmas to you).



(card credits:  main card background: Purdue Avenue Etsy shop; frame: kitschy digitals; leaves and red gems: design by dani.)

almost a month ago, before sickness and the hecticness of the holiday season bombarded our home, we sat down one sunday afternoon to take a candid family photo.

how did I do it?

well, for starters, I begged my family.  told them it was all that I wanted for christmas.

then I told them that they could wear whatever they wanted.

then I told them to bring something to do.  bring a book to read, a toy to play with, or a doll to hold.

I wanted candid…

then I set up my tripod, put my remote on my camera, checked the settings, then had to add my bounce flash to get the lighting just right.

then we were in business.

106 pictures later…

we got it.

and by “it”, I mean four that I could stitch together to make my perfectly candid family photo.

took merrill from here:

dec 157

took lynn from here:

(the peyton + me combo here was a close second for the final cut..)

dec 176

took ashley from here:

(for the record, this is the most pleasant expression I got out of ashley the whole 10 minute ordeal.)

dec 168

and, well, peyton and I were perfect together here:

dec 224

and we got this masterpiece:

(you know, after photoshop magic…)

dec 224 157 168 176_edit crop_boost

and for your enjoyment, consider it a christmas gift from me to you, a couple of outtakes:

dec 149dec 150

because sitting on the couch is SO overrated.

from my family to yours:

Merry Christmas!!!


Ally's Corner said...

I would have never known you photoshop that picture.Love it! Maybe one day I will learn how to really use photoshop :)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Love it! And merry Christmas!!!

mandi said...

Looks so great! Erin will be so excited you used the card. :)

Anonymous said...

Erin IS so excited that you used the card. What you did to it is completely DARLING!! And your family is DARLING!! And the whole thing is...well...DARLING!!
You are amazing!!

MEK said...

SO freaking CUTE!!!

Smitha said...

This has to be the most stunning holiday card ever!!!