Friday, March 29, 2013

news to me.. it’s friday!!

seriously, I forgot.  I mean, really.  I didn’t even take the trash out last night.  aaaand, we have a full can.


this has been quite the week…  merrill had a root canal (#2 for the SAME TOOTH) on monday, spring break started that day for the girls as well.  but guess what?  they are all sick.  I know, we have had our turn already!  (multiple times.)  but sore throats, and nagging coughs seem to be on the agenda of “fun activities”.  ash was fevering friday, saturday, and sunday.

so we have done, well, a lot of nothing.  unless you count dosing out cough medicine, ibproufin, and doing breathing treatments…

okay, just kidding, we’ve done some crafting too…

my brother got into an accident in southern utah, so our house has been slumber party central for a number of nieces and nephews.

between all the extra bodies, coughing, and not the quality of sleep I desire, I think that might be how I forgot today was friday…

anyhow, here’s a new product from liv:


I love ALL of liv’s scribbled anything…  I used some doodles on this page as well.

told you, I love them..

click on the page for full list of credits + links.


now go enjoy your friday!

(or whatever is left of it.)

Friday, March 22, 2013

craving summer..

I have loved looking through all the old photos I have not scrapped..  something about that third baby, kiddos starting school and all the fun that brings.

just a few years behind!

these particular photos are from july 2008.  just a few days ago. ;)

liv has been on a roll with her delightful frames!

as soon as I saw these painted frames, I knew this is the layout I would use them on.  the blue paint screamed july to me.

the frames come in a variety of colors, mask included, and different options for the drop shadow, she also has one all ready for you with a staple!

(I tell you, she thinks of everything!)

this layout was created entirely with liv’s goodness, but you can click on the layout to find the list of links for all products used.


the weather isn’t exactly screaming summer here, or spring for that matter.  well, it really is screaming “hey!!  it’s spring and you live in utah!!!  enjoy the snow!!”

I wish I were able to capture lynn’s reaction to our springlike weather yesterday morning when we woke to an inch or so of snow.

it was awesome!

I guess I will just warm up looking at all these summery pix!

Friday, March 15, 2013

my little skiier!

last week, lynn went skiing, for her first time, with her grade.

they were lucky enough to go to snowbasin and have a two hour lesson, then free skiing afterward.

I was lucky enough to head up, have lunch with her and spend the afternoon doing some runs with her.

it was my first time on the mountain in 4 years, and 15 since I have been to snowbasin.  they made many improvements for the 2002 winter olympics, and I had yet to enjoy them.

lynn, she’s a natural.  I will lay claim on her natural skill with my mayes genetics, knowing full well there are pitcher’s who enjoy skiing too..  she was just so good! 

I got there in time to see her finishing her first run.  I thought it was her fifth or sixth the way she came down that hill…  when she got to me I praised her for how well she did and asked her how many runs she had done.

“that was my first time coming down!”

holy.  crap.

we did a few runs on little cat, ate lunch, did a couple more runs on little cat, and she was bored.  she wanted to head up another lift and tackle more of the mountain.  (brave kid, again, it’s the mayes in her!)

we headed up the needles express gondola, and started at the top of the mountain.

there was one steep area that was all powder.  she had a hard time staying up, but she made it down!  we took the easy way down the rest of the way, taking sweet revenge to slo ride, and met back up with little cat.  she LOVED it.  but didn’t love the first part enough to do it again.  we played the rest of the afternoon on little cat, and stayed until they shut it down.

she was phenomenal, and I only fell 4 or 5 times…  not too bad!

I can’t wait to take her again!

I love being able to document these things, many thanks goes to my wonderful iphone, I have great video too thanks to this.

I used liv’s latest T + Mini Vol. 3 – Documented kit, split it so it is a one page layout of our fun day.

this kit includes all the goodness below:  the bokeh, the scratchy overlay, the paper, the scribbles, the frames, and masks..  liv includes it all and does it up right.

LIV_T Mini03-Documented_min

looking forward to catching up on project life!

Friday, March 8, 2013


ashley has always had some pretty awesome style.

loved coming across this old pic of her from fall of 2008.  she was almost 4.  this is such a fun age!

(still looking at those hello kitty knock-off crocks, trying to figure out if they are on the wrong feet, because the usually were..)

the other most awesome thing about this layout is the stitching.  I LOVE lives stitchies series.  hello, I do have ALL of them, and they are usually a staple on just about every page…

I sent her a special request to create some in whites, black, brown, and especially jute.

she totally delivered!!


(click on the layout for full list of the goodies of liv’s I used.)


thanks for all your well wishes for the sick man of the house..  still waiting for things to get back to “normal”.

to top it off, I spent the day with lynn at snowbasin.  her first time and she ROCKED IT!!

(but it has been 4 years since I have gone snowbaording..  I am a little sore today.)

(I love advil.)

oh, and I just got the cute little girl in the above layout from school.  seems we might have strep in our home to go along with everything else. :/

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

not a pity party.

just a list of excuses for why I am behind two days. :/

merrill has a bad sinus infection, and by “bad” I mean horrendous. 

he started feeling it the end of last week, and by saturday, he was ready to go to the doctor. (!!!!!)  really.  this guy, asking to go to the doctor?  it MUST be bad.

too bad for him, the instacare had closed, he got to wait until the next morning.

two antibiotics, a prescription for loritab in hand, the kid was still struggling.

we have tried EVERYTHING.  by everything I mean EVERYTHING..  well, except for this one drink I found on pinterest.  we are not brave enough to try that.

(for the curious:  water, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, honey, and lemon.  in my experience, ingesting apple cider vinegar ends in vomit.)

we have tried just about every decongestant, steam, oils, reflexology, moist+heated washcloths, then graduated to a rice bag that we have been spritzing and heating.  the loritab didn’t help.  we have already gone through a bottle of advil.  neither of us have gotten a full night of sleep since…  thursday?

it’s awesome.

I really can’t stand to see him so sick.

but, I have accomplished a few things, and as time (and my new nursing schedule permit) I will post all of my accomplishments and fun finds.

for now, here’s two layouts brought to you by the goodness at AC Digitals.

first up is new product, “Dear Lizzy Spring”.

(you can get it on sale this week!)


other goodies on this page:

stitching- anna aspnes
frame- liv.edesigns
photo corner- splendid fiins
background paper- amy tangerine “ready set go”


this loveliness is from crate paper “fourteen”.


I had to laugh at myself while saving off this layout.  I have a lot (A LOT) of layouts titled “sisters”.

that’s what I get for having 3 girls.

also used on this page:

stitching- anna aspnes

buttons- crystal wilkerson

paint brush and brown paper for the letters- liv.edesigns

font- “burvetica thick nc”

Friday, March 1, 2013

chevron love!

let’s be honest..  these have been trendy for a while now, I have loved them all along, and I am not tired of them!!

liv has out, brand new today, some lovely shabby chevron papers.

two things I love: shabby & chevron.

(oohhhh!!  ooohhhh!!  and liv, of course.)

they are on sale this weekend!  I would go grab some…

(I also grabbed nancie rowe janitz crazy for chevrons 1 and crazy for chevrons 2 first thing this morning..  LOVE her stuff!!  and hello, it’s more chevron!)

here’s the layout I created with liv’s goodness:

(as always, click on layout for full list of credits and yada yada yada..)


the major things on my to-do list today:

- finish kitchen stools

- clean craft room

- play in craft room

- eliminate the “to mend” pile

- do taxes (blah!!)

- find blueing (this should be #1)

- wash pillows (banish the sickie germs!!!)

hope my day is as productive as yours…