Friday, March 8, 2013


ashley has always had some pretty awesome style.

loved coming across this old pic of her from fall of 2008.  she was almost 4.  this is such a fun age!

(still looking at those hello kitty knock-off crocks, trying to figure out if they are on the wrong feet, because the usually were..)

the other most awesome thing about this layout is the stitching.  I LOVE lives stitchies series.  hello, I do have ALL of them, and they are usually a staple on just about every page…

I sent her a special request to create some in whites, black, brown, and especially jute.

she totally delivered!!


(click on the layout for full list of the goodies of liv’s I used.)


thanks for all your well wishes for the sick man of the house..  still waiting for things to get back to “normal”.

to top it off, I spent the day with lynn at snowbasin.  her first time and she ROCKED IT!!

(but it has been 4 years since I have gone snowbaording..  I am a little sore today.)

(I love advil.)

oh, and I just got the cute little girl in the above layout from school.  seems we might have strep in our home to go along with everything else. :/

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Ally's Corner said...

I always love to see your layouts you are so great at scrapbooking. I now do online books for my girl’s scrapbook, it keeps me up to date something I never was scraping the other way and couldn’t stand it. I'm sorry your family is sick.. I hope everyone feels better soon.