Friday, February 27, 2009

9 more?!?

Can I do it?
Blue & Gold banquet shopping, tonight..
Blue & Gold banquet and prep tomorrow...
and then MARCH 1st is SUNDAY!!
Can I do it?


I have had a week for the books.. and it still isn't over with!!!
Tomorrow... I pray for tomorrow to be over with!! (Has there ever been a Blue & Gold Banquet BREAKFAST?? That way, it can be the first of the day, and be over with..)
Then I will be able to catch up, tell you all the funny things the girls have been saying.. play with paint (for my craft room :) yay!) and put together my IKEA shelves and finish organizing my house!! Spring fever has hit, HARD..
My pic of the day (which I sadly, cannot figure how to load..) is of me, at IKEA (no longer a virgin) with a cart FULL of fun stuff.. thanks Jacks!! Lunch was yummy too...
Can't wait for next week!!
So.. I think my headache is the me coming down from such a fun day... or, maybe stress... drinking too much root beer?.. or lack of sleep.. four people in one bed, not conducive to good sleep.. or maybe the diet coke.. it has been a while.. or PMS.. ah, heck.. all the above?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Can't get enough..

This toy was recently re-discovered.. we packed it away, and the girls found it.
Peyton LOVES it!!
She thinks it's her own personal music machine.. we can't get enough of this song or the "'A' says 'a' and 'a' says 'ah'.. every letter makes a sound..."
Really.. can you read the sarcasm about how we just can't get enough? But we'll take more dancing.. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Check this out!!

Holy smackaroni!!
Christie told me to go here...
This girl is twelve and so amazing!!!


I know, I know..
I have 10 (ten) layouts to do before month's end, in order to reach my goal.. but I am having trouble getting inspired. I have more than enough sewing projects on my table, and more than enough pics to scrapbook.. but I am struggling.. so I decided to clean out.
I am fighting the urge to re-paint too...
But here's one of my favorite ways to organize my scraps.. and if you know me, I save ALL of my scraps.
I take an ordinary file folder, and trace the shape of the tab on the folder on the little tab that comes on the end of so many manufacturer's paper now days.. cut it out, and glue the baby down.. I like to use my Xyron sticker maker.That way, I have all my scraps organized by manufacturer, and in My Mind's Eye's case, their different lines :)
Don't forget.. one more day to enter!!


NOT the FHE you are thinking..
Family HOTEL Evening!!
We went down to see the latest developments.. well, within the last week anyway..
So many exciting things!!
The automatic doors are running.. the girls thought that was exciting.. Ashley especially..

Here's the lights all hung in the entryway.. gorgeous!! I love so many elements about this building.. I asked Merrill if we could just move in for a while :)
Fireplace.. another reason to make it my temporary home..
The pool area is lookin' good.. which is good because the girls are living in their swimsuits, hoping that will help summer to get here faster.. I could live with this too...
Here's Merrill and the two older girls.. making their way down the second floor hallway.. taking us the long way to the most awaited thing yet.. a (just about) finished room!! See the carpet?
So, you walk in the room, and here's the floor.. I want this dark floor. Can you believe it's vinyl?!? Looks sooo good..
And of course, the bathroom is what you see first.. Peyton loved seeing all the mirrors lined up against the walls, outside the rooms in the hallway last week while they were hanging them.. I think she loved seeing herself repeatedly as she walked down the hall..
And here's the room...
TVs and fridges aren't there yet.. close Merrill says..
But I can see myself reading, right here..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some craftin'..

It's hard to craft when you have a sick baby, who only wants to snuggle with mama, not dad.. but I did manage to get a few things done.. and I'll be danged if I forgot to take pics of the cute b-day gifts I made for a lady I visit teach!! Oh, well..
This one hangs on my front door (how I wish it were painted black, still.. *sigh*). It's a paper mache letter painted and the edges inked with StazOn, then embellished with a bookplate and some cute ribbon I found at Michael's.
This one was easier.. Cricut, my buddy and the plate was found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I can't help but think of the movie "Click" whenever I go in there!
Watch for a give away on this one soon :D

Sick baby..

Despite the cute pic, this kiddo isn't feeling too swell. It has been a storm that's been brewing for quite a while She has a nasty cough now..
Poor thing..
I don't know what's worse, the cough or the multiple nose-wiping sessions.. both make her terribly uncomfortable!

Friday, February 20, 2009

6 things that make me happy...

Aartee tagged me.. so here goes!
(I could have easily made this 6,000,000 things that make me happy.. and somehow chocolate isn't on my list..?)
#6- Fun, new, colorful scrapbooking goodies to play with..
#5- Darling new ribbons to make many things with...
#4- Yummy new fabric...
#3- LOVE LOVE LOVE these stamps!! They are used much.. loved well and never neglected..
#2- My girls! They are my muses and inspiration to all things creative and crafty...
#1- My honey.. "Merrill Hottie-Body", sometimes goes as "Punkley Pitcher".. he supports all that is crafty and fun to me :)
I tag: Paper Cakes, Cutie Pie, Ally, and Crafting Memories crew...

Purse tag..

This is another oldie and goodie.. thought it might be interesting to see how the contents of my purse have changed since last summer.. let me just say, I was literally going out the door with the girls to run errands.. this was a very good time to do the tag, and clean it out!!
Here goes!
- camera (in my hand, taking pic.. needed pic of the day, and if I am spending the greater part of the day gone, I figured I had better have my camera with me..)
- keys
- ZEN (30 GB MP3 player..)
- phone (Merrill called it my "piece of junk" this morning.. maybe I'll get a new one soon :) one that doesn't turn off whenever it feels like it, and the antenna is attached by more than a thread..)
- note pad (my brain..)
- 2 pens
- 2 pencils (?)
- 1 box of nerds.. with the valentine hiding somewhere in the heap of papers..
- Kleenexes
- Jerry Cherry Laffy Taffy with one bite missing..
- 3 red hearts made out of construction paper.. one with an "L" one with an "A" and one with a "P".. Valentine's Hannah made for the girls.. I forgot to give them :0
- JoAnn's fabric cut table wait number.. #70
- Merle Norman gift certificates (thanks Jacks & Brookers!! Spending them today was sooo much fun!)
- coupon wallet
- wallet
- Doctors appointment card for Peyton.. more shots in 6 months.. woo-hoo.. (read the lack of enthusiasm..)
- bottle of apple juice (hey, we were on our way out..)
- loose coupons: Hancock Fabrics, JoAnn's, and Old Navy (which expired YESTERDAY!!! Aarrrgh!)
- receipts: 2 Target, 4 Wal-Mart, 1 Carter, 3 Post office, 2 JoAnn's, 2- Arctic Circle, 1 Arby's
- and one bank deposit receipt..
Whew!!! Glad I cleaned that all out..
Wait.. where's my hand sanitizer?!?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A couple of days worth..

It's been a busy couple of days..
Yesterday being the busiest..
We spent just about the whole day OUT.. Peyton's doctor appointment.. errands.. sledding.
We had SOOOO much fun!! Thanks Julie!!!
Today we have spent at home.. creating and having fun! Playing with some new toys found on our errands yesterday ;) Lynn didn't go to school, but that is another post on a different subject..
Peyton's doctors appointment went well.. she got 4 shots (ouch!) but she is doing well, in fact, they have mellowed her out!! Think of that.. I don't need to hold her at ALL times!
The doctor is concerned, still, with her hips. Despite the visit we had down at Primary's.. the clicking sound is in both of her hips.. which I am not concerned about.. but his real concern lies in the fact (?) that she hasn't grown very much. She isn't quite 20 pounds.. her head circumference went up a bit, but her height has remained the same.. the question mark comes into play, because we don't have the same nurse every time, thus not consistent measuring methods. She shrunk in length and head circumference from birth to one week, if you can imagine that.. He wants to check her again in 6 months, and if there is still no change, he wants her back at Primary's to have those hips checked again..
So not worried.. Merrill and I were/are both smaller..
She is doing many fun and new things..
- cleaning up her toys.
- gives me the "no nos", gives me things that she shouldn't have. :)
- gives hugs and kisses.
- blows kisses better.
- is saying a few things: "whas dis?" = what's this "his" = this and the staples, "mama" and "dada"..
- she loves to play with us, try to scare us and tease us.
- she has also cut another tooth.
She is just the sweetest little girl! She comes and gives us hugs, patting us on the back, for no reason..
We love her!!