Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super Easy!

These little cuties were so simple to make. My sister-in-law, Jaclyn, found the link for the pattern to these on Ali Edward's blog..
- felt
- poly stuffing
- needle
- embroidery thread
- pinking shears
- pins
Cut out two layers to make a little pocket, sew around the edge (by hand), leave an opening to stuff the heart gently.. finish sewing it shut.. then glue on a pin!
Super easy, super cute!
I am pretty sure they will be seen one up close and personal, pretty soon! :)


kdance10 said...

Those are way way cute i just saw them on jacki's blog. You are so crafty

Ally0005 said...

Now I think I can even do this.

Aartee said...

so cute!