Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday..

Flashback to February 2001.. we had been married for almost one year. We were living the apartment life.. in the blue "homicide apartments" (let's face it.. it happened there, a lot..) next to Bonneville, ready to move on and put all that rent money towards a house payment instead..
So, we looked.. and one night, while I was at work, Dixon and Val took Merrill by this place they thought we might be interested in.. Merrill loved it! Now, I don't know if he necessarily loved the house itself, or the idea of getting out of the apartment.. but he told me all about it, very excitedly that night when I came home from work. I was excited too, to see how excited he was..
He said, "Do you wanna go and see it?"
"Of course! When can they take us through again?" It was after 10 pm, mind you.
"Now.. I have the key." Dixon told Merrill to keep the key, take me through when I got home and put it back into the lock box when we were done.
We were sold..
We put an offer down as well as some earnest money. It was a foreclosed property that had sat empty for over two years, close to three. We offered to take it as is..
It was listed at $136,000, we offered $105,000.
They countered us at $109,000 and we countered back at $107,000.
To which they countered back at $107,500, which we took, and signed our lives away, happily.
We didn't want to pay another month's rent, so we began packing, and moving the less used things to the house, hey, Dixon told us to.. he said it was a done deal, who else was going to offer them what we did?
Then we moved in.. a little shy of three weeks to closing :) We lived with the drapes tightly drawn... and we re-keyed the locks.. left the old key in the lock box, but re-keyed the locks :) Have you ever seen a confused real-estate agent? I have...
We found many fun things in our home.. and outside as well. We have enjoyed many do it yourself projects.. and have loved every second of them!
We did have to get a new furnace, our existing one had holes in the chambers which = carbon monoxide poisoning. The first night we stayed there, with the old furnace, Dixon loaned us his carbon monoxide detector, which was fairly new then.. Merrill would wake up every hour to make sure we were still alive.. checking to see if I was still breathing.. what a sweet guy!
When the snow melted, we found many exciting things..
No front yard; dirt and dandelions instead..
A tree that only half was blossoming, the other half, was duck-taped to the trunk of the tree to make it appear to be whole.
A mailbox that was ready to fall off and leave it's post as a awesome place to impale yourself upon.. while trying to dig out the dandelions, of course..
And, last, but certainly not least, a deck, with soup can lids nailed and/or screwed to the surface where the knots in the wood had fallen out of the planks.. rusted soup can lids I should clarify.. (we found a DOG FOOD CAN LID screwed to the floor in the upstairs hallway when we re-did the floors up there.. I have photographic proof..)
We have done many things since.. only one room still has the original paint color on the walls.. I plan to remedy that soon :)
Merrill is calling it "our nice little starter house"..
I say, after all we have done, I wouldn't mind living here forever!! And that's what I planned on the moment we bought it!
But we still have our fond "apartment day" memories...


Emalee said...

I remember when you told me your flashlight story!! hahaa

BookwormMom said...

We lived in those apartments too...and have fond memories of our first 11 months being married...before we bought our first house in the terrace...

Ally0005 said...

You still live in your first house, how cool. I miss our first house.