Thursday, February 19, 2009

A couple of days worth..

It's been a busy couple of days..
Yesterday being the busiest..
We spent just about the whole day OUT.. Peyton's doctor appointment.. errands.. sledding.
We had SOOOO much fun!! Thanks Julie!!!
Today we have spent at home.. creating and having fun! Playing with some new toys found on our errands yesterday ;) Lynn didn't go to school, but that is another post on a different subject..
Peyton's doctors appointment went well.. she got 4 shots (ouch!) but she is doing well, in fact, they have mellowed her out!! Think of that.. I don't need to hold her at ALL times!
The doctor is concerned, still, with her hips. Despite the visit we had down at Primary's.. the clicking sound is in both of her hips.. which I am not concerned about.. but his real concern lies in the fact (?) that she hasn't grown very much. She isn't quite 20 pounds.. her head circumference went up a bit, but her height has remained the same.. the question mark comes into play, because we don't have the same nurse every time, thus not consistent measuring methods. She shrunk in length and head circumference from birth to one week, if you can imagine that.. He wants to check her again in 6 months, and if there is still no change, he wants her back at Primary's to have those hips checked again..
So not worried.. Merrill and I were/are both smaller..
She is doing many fun and new things..
- cleaning up her toys.
- gives me the "no nos", gives me things that she shouldn't have. :)
- gives hugs and kisses.
- blows kisses better.
- is saying a few things: "whas dis?" = what's this "his" = this and the staples, "mama" and "dada"..
- she loves to play with us, try to scare us and tease us.
- she has also cut another tooth.
She is just the sweetest little girl! She comes and gives us hugs, patting us on the back, for no reason..
We love her!!


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I loved the age Peyton is at with each of my kids. They learn so much so fast, and i swear they are just so funny!

Bonnie said...

I know what you mean abt being frustrated that the measurements are not accurate at the Dr. We had the same issue, it scares you at first until you realize that the nurse just really messed up the measurements. (ended up switching Dr.'s, for other reasons but we have consistently the same nurse now)

kdance10 said...

My poor girls get neglected in that area from me, i dont make them hair bows i only make baby ones(: Your girls are the ones with all the cute hair bows

Ally0005 said...

I measure Anna at home once a month because I wanted to make sure her height was the same as what her Dr. said. One nurse just can't get it right to save her life. The doctor has to always remeasure Anna. You think he would reteach this nurse.

Emalee said...

she is so FREAKING cute.....

Rachael said...

Poor thing... Hopefully it's just paranoia on the doctors part and there's nothing to worry about. I say if she's taller than Kimmy soon you shouldn't be to worried. :)

Kathy said...

She is so cute, I have a husband lined up for her. Tate Joel Howell. Our new addition. His birthday is Feb 22 2008. And he is off the charts for everything size wise. A little behind motor skill wise. But so cute. Check out

BookwormMom said...

It's actually really, really common for the length and head circumference to shrink/not be consistent between birth and 2 weeks. It's really, really hard to measure a brand newborn. They don't like to stretch their legs, they're slippery from the vernix, and slide on the tape measure...etc. The family is watching, and you just want to get it done and hand the baby to the mommy. So, we do it quick as possible, so it's not as accurate.

It is normal for measuring methods to be different from person to person, and cause inconsistancies in the measurement. Don't worry too much about it.