Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's call it "Tag Tuesday".. shall we?

I'm doing a bunch, cause I have a bunch to do..
Play along with any, or all if you want!

Tag #1: Honest Scrap

The award is "Honest Scrap" The rules of the award are :

~ Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design
~ Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there is no prize but it is fun!
~ List 10 honest things about yourself.

1- I am a total toilet paper snob.. Charmin all the way!!
2- Sometimes, I have to run up the stairs at night, when I am the last one to go to bed.
3- I get into "Intervention" a little too much.
4- I am satisfied when a good spank is administered to a little bum, without a follow up laugh fro the spankee.
5- I wish my hair were long again, sometimes.
6- I don't really read to the girls, try recite.. I have most of their books memorized. Years of reading them will do that to you.
7- I enjoy spending money on new books for the girls almost as much as I do spending it on scrapbook stuff.
8- I am behind on my scrapbooks.. back to 2006 y'all..
9- I used to sluff seminary (quite a bit) to enjoy a 2 hour and fifteen minute lunch.. :0
10- I have been forgetting to take my picture of the day picture, and usually do it right before I put the girls to bed, which only riles them up, or after they've gone to sleep.

Tag #2: 7 Line Bio Poem

Here's a hint: Google it!

Crafty (he he he..) friendly caring nurturing.
Mom to Lynnie-Lou, Ashley McSplashley, and Sweet "P".
Lover of all things chocolate, Merrill, and creating.
Who needs sleep, chocolate, and friends.
Who fears clowns, well-placed pop-its, losing everything.
Who would like to see old friends, a time machine, the inside of my eyelids.

Tag #3: Funny things I used to say..

Quite frankly, I still say a lot of funny things! Like when I got my name all jumbled up and Pindy Mitcher came out.. yep, that was smooth..

When I was small, I loved my dolls. I had little bottles to feed them and a little rocking chair in which I could sit and rock them. I would make a sucking sound for them while they ate the play bottle. My mom loved that..

I began my addiction to junk food at a young age.. I didn't want to stop then, either. One day, while mom was visiting with aunt Wendy in our kitchen, I climbed into the cupboard, very quietly, to munch on some potato chips. Their conversation suddenly paused, but my crunching did not, and my mom called my name..
No answer, chewing.
A little more seriously now, "Mindy.."
Still, enjoying.
More annoyance that I am not answering her, "MINDYYY!!"
To which I responded, slamming the door open against the perpendicular wall, "WHH-AT!!"
That was greeted with laughter, and I shut the door and went about my second course.

Mom says I used to get all excited when M*A*S*H wold come on. I couldn't even talk yet, but knew when it started when I heard the helicopters in the opening sequence. I would run down the stairs, into the front room and spin with my arms held out like the blades of a helicopter, turning, back and forth... I still love M*A*S*H :)

Did I get them all?

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BookwormMom said...

I love MASH, I watch it all the time...I must have watched it alot when I was pregnant with Talia, because the minute she hears it, she stops whatever she's doing to listen to the theme....

luv ya, Pindy!