Tuesday, February 24, 2009


NOT the FHE you are thinking..
Family HOTEL Evening!!
We went down to see the latest developments.. well, within the last week anyway..
So many exciting things!!
The automatic doors are running.. the girls thought that was exciting.. Ashley especially..

Here's the lights all hung in the entryway.. gorgeous!! I love so many elements about this building.. I asked Merrill if we could just move in for a while :)
Fireplace.. another reason to make it my temporary home..
The pool area is lookin' good.. which is good because the girls are living in their swimsuits, hoping that will help summer to get here faster.. I could live with this too...
Here's Merrill and the two older girls.. making their way down the second floor hallway.. taking us the long way to the most awaited thing yet.. a (just about) finished room!! See the carpet?
So, you walk in the room, and here's the floor.. I want this dark floor. Can you believe it's vinyl?!? Looks sooo good..
And of course, the bathroom is what you see first.. Peyton loved seeing all the mirrors lined up against the walls, outside the rooms in the hallway last week while they were hanging them.. I think she loved seeing herself repeatedly as she walked down the hall..
And here's the room...
TVs and fridges aren't there yet.. close Merrill says..
But I can see myself reading, right here..


Emalee said...

Oh how exciting. Can't wait til its finished and open.....maybe we will have to book a stay there ;)

Rachael said...

Hey I have an idea! Once the hotel is open can we have a ward FHE night swimming?

Brooke said...

did you notice... maybe not... only I notice stupid things like this... but the leaf wall paper is the same wall paper Dr. Bierer has in his bathrooms. Except his is greenish color.

Ally0005 said...

Looks like a great room for me!

kdance10 said...

Looks awesome! When we having a scrapbook all nighter:D

Jamie said...

Gorgeous!!! You should host an all girls scrapbook weekend at the hotel... hint hint!