Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a SWEET day...

To start the day off with these two...
Peyton is saying a few things.. most of them deciphered by super mom or super sisters...
- "whas dis" (what's this?)
- "hieee" (hi)
- and the newest, what made the beginning of this sweet day sweet...
Her sister's nickname..
It made Ashley's day!
I had to explain to Lynn that it will probably be a while.. "L" sounds are very hard to say this early.. she'll probably call her "inn"..
Merrill has been a wee stressed with all of his responsibilities.. managing the warehouse, still has shipping to do, he has awesome brothers who step in and help where they can, but he has the hotel now too, in all of it's winding-down glory..
So, I, being the most awesome and wifely wife ever, ditched the kids on Grammy, went to the hotel, and helped him out.. some of the tasks at hand:
- vacuuming (gotta love the Dyson!!) the third floor.. 3 vacuums do make a difference..
- getting lamps and lampshades to the proper rooms
- getting garbage picked up
- and I even helped him with shipping! (My white shirt isn't so white anymore..)
He was proud that I spotted a 15 foot round safety pad that was labeled as a 13 foot round pad.. I am awesome!!
I think it's safe to say that I have been in every room of that hotel, now..
Ashley and Peyton more than enjoyed their day with Grammy.. Ashley even brought her baby and well-packed diaper bag..
Being a mom is so wonderful!
Lynn got her report card.. she is doing so well! I was glad to see she got 33 out of 36 of her sight words correct.. and apparently, she exercises self control.. at school at least. She is doing so well!
Finished the day off with some YO-ga!! and sweet, sticky, syrup :)


Six-Pack Momma said...

SWEET! thanks for the kidnapping.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

You are an awesome wife! I bet your honey is very glad he has you! And your girls are just too cute! I love girls!

Ally0005 said...

That is what marriage is about, being there for each other!!!!

Bonnie said...

Wow, yougys are busy! Hang in there!