Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I stole this idea from an interview in SPIN magazine.. they keep sending us free, or like they call them "trial issues", to con us into subscribing.. you know, they are the issues that the cover pic was cropped funny.. all the mistakes.. etc.
Our family is totally about music... it helps that that is Merrill's addiction/obsession. He introduces us to new, underground indie bands.. I am proud to say that we were into many bands before they were really known... Merrill has me under a vow of strict secrecy when it comes to good, new music. Sometimes he won't tell me a band's name...
I had to add a few questions that I thought would be fun, and omit one about smoking pot, since it simply doesn't apply to me.. hope you want to play along!
So here goes..
What band are you embarrassed to admit that you used to like?
Milli Vanilli- can you say fraud? I remember being mad that they would do such a thing, so I took my tape, pulled out the tape part, hooked it to a link on the fence and roller-skated away, letting it unravel behind me... "Ooo, oo, ooohhooo.. I love you.." NOT!!
Name the last song you downloaded illegally.
I have NEVER downloaded a song, period. I have Merrill do it all! He'd do better in the clink than I would anyway..
Who comes after Radiohead on you iPod? (If you don't have any Radiohead, who is your second "R" artist.. but face it, everyone has Radiohead..)
It is actually a Zen, that I love to death... and that artist would be:
Rage Against the Machine
What's yor favorite film soundtrack?
Hmmm... that's a hard one... I guess I would have to say.. Cruel Intentions. It's dark, and sometimes, a lot of times, that fits my mood perfectly. Plus the base in it is amazing... I miss the speaker box in the Civic...
What song was playing during your first slow dance?
While I cannot accurately remember the exact song, I am sure I can say it was Boyz II Men.. 90's... it had to be them or Vanessa Williams, or Mariah Carey...
Do you ever pretend to like a band more than you really do?
Yes.. Coldplay.. they are alright. I like a few songs.. but I won't buy a CD.. even though I have.. once.
What would people be surprised to find in your collection of music?
A lot of classic rock. Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin, STYX, Bob Seger, Harry Chapin... and my Carpenters, Air Supply, and Bread.. all next to my country, rock, hip-hop, R&B... and a few pop bands (blush). I think I am very well-rounded musically.
Do you and your mate have a song?
Yup.. many. One of which is Tears For Fears, Head Over Heels.

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