Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goal met.. for January at least..

A layout for each girl.. well, Lynn and Ash..
So I am 1/12 done.. maybe I'll figure out a percentage when I don't have such a rockin' headache..

Hotel update..

We went down to the hotel last night.. a lot is getting done.. SO CLOSE!!
Here's the lobby fireplace.. I wish it were mine..
"Welcome to Best Western Canyon Pines..."
Front desk..
Scrapbook space #1.. conference room.. Merrill says that the banquet area is better.. he'll give that to us first :)
Banquet area fireplace..
Breakfast is served.. or will be..
And after breakfast.. we go and work it off. This is the fitness room. Brooke has plans for this area :)
Merrill's office!
Our room... the bed isn't the best part, just one of them..
Ahhh... this tub... I wish it were really mine..
The girls always have fun going there and checking out all the new developments.
We were there just a week ago.. so much has been done!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday..

I am a bit weepy.. excuse me...
Exactly one year ago today...
This month, one year ago..
And I was complaining, mildly... pulled muscles and all..
I miss it!
Getting ready...
The anticipation of filling this crib with a new, sweet little baby..
Bringing her home in this..
So, while I miss it all, am terribly jealous of all you ladies with child or with newborns in arms.. while I may be a little emotional..
I have this:
And she's incredible!
I am thankful for the memories, and for blogging them, so I can re-live them, anytime, day or middle of night...