Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Celebrations..

Had a little Birthday breakfast yesterday with my "sisters".. I didn't post pics yesterday because.. well, I'll explain that one in a minute..
Went to Jaclyn's and Hallie had decorated, just for me!!
We had oranges, OJ, this yummy berry/waffle dish, with Cool Whip.. yum! Brooke was sweet enough to remember my aversion to blueberries, and put them in half, so I wouldn't ahve to endure them..
Second course was french toast, ala Jacks.. yummmm...
We got to sit and chat while the kids played.. and Peyton slept..
Hallie is the best niece and cousin ever!! The girls didn't quite want to come home with me when it was all over, well, nap time for Pey at least.. and Lynn begged to stay. We have been trying to teach her to not invite herself.. but Sophie soon asked Jaclyn, who said yes and granted my little girl's wish. I love how Sophie and Lynn love each other.. there was once a day when the two rarely got along, most of that was a communication breakdown, really just a bink in Lynnie-Lou's mouth :).. now they rarely want to be apart when they are together.
We gotta plan another day for Sophs to come play Jacks..
So Ashley caught wind of this plan, and immediately asked to stay too.. which they were generous enough to take on BOTH of my crazy girls.
So what was I to do with an afternoon with just one child to parent? Scrapbook? Clean? Craft? Nap? Hmmmm...
When it all came down to it, I cleaned..
That vacuum has me hooked!
I moved all the furniture in the basement, all except the TV armoire, and sucked-up all the gross stuff.. sooo fun! So clean house Monday almost was completed.. still have the upstairs to vacuum..
I got a little carried away, and before I knew it, Merrill was home with the girls.
Thanks Jaclyn, Brooke, and Hallie!! It was an awesome day yesterday!!
Thanks to everyone for birthday wishes sent via e-mail and Facebook.. phone calls too!!
More fun to come today!


Six-Pack Momma said...

Happy Birthday, Min! You're catching up...oh wait...I'm getting older, too. He he ;)

Summer said...

Happy Birthday!!

BookwormMom said...

Happy Birthday!!! I thought of you first thing this morning!!!

Ally0005 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emalee said...

I am always a day late and a dollar short sorry!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!