Monday, January 26, 2009

Hard Day's Work..

I seriously thought I had it pretty rough today.. Clean House Monday.. then Mer got called into work with no time to shovel, at least a little.
Two trucks came in, loaded with furniture (the carpet is now laid on the second and third floors) to unload and get to where it needed to be.
Not done as easy as said, though.
The phone isn't all hooked up, and you need to have that to have an elevator!
No elevator to move furniture up to the second and third floors.
Some of the heavier stuff, needed to be placed somewhere else, temporarily.
Many guys worked very hard today!!
I was ready to quit shoveling 7 inches of the heaviest snow yet this winter.. my house still isn't completely done..
I would so rather be scrapbooking! (That was the mantra playing in my head ALL DAY..)


BookwormMom said...

I know how you feel...I'd rather be scrapbooking too!!

GRAMEE said...

shoveling snow..that is so why i love arizona..

TumbleBee said...

I know how you feel! he he