Monday, January 5, 2009

Thou shalt not covet..

..oh, but how I am..
I talked to Christie today on the phone.. normal, everyday kinda talk. I was telling her how I was doing pretty well on my "clean house Monday", trying to get that trend going again.. a goal for the year.. I told her I was almost done.. just dreading the vacuuming.. it was time for the kids to get out, I was getting Ash and Pey all ready to go when the phone rings again.. it was Christie.
"Don't go out in this, I'll get Lynn.. It's still snowing and I was going to go and get my kids.."
What a sweetie, eh?!
So Pey and Ash were standing by the window, waiting.. (I have another cute story about this, another time, perhaps?) Here's where my pic for the day fits in perfectly..When Christie shows up.. another sweet member of her family carried, yes CARRIED my ill shodden (that means shoes on the feet were not fitting for the white stuff falling from the sky and sticking to the cold ground..) child from the Kindergarten door to the cross walk.. thanks Hailey!!
But, it doesn't end there..
Christie was getting, what I thought to be my child, who I was prepared to carry up the driveway and into the house, because I had not gotten around to shoveling (see clean house Monday doesn't include the out of doors unless time permits..) but no.. she had in hand her most awesome and incredible DYSON!! She let me borrow her most awesome, most suck-y, eye-opening experience vacuum! Let me tell you...
I am trying to not be a covet-er.. the ten commandments are awesome..
I vacuumed my house.. most rooms twice. It was horrific, yet strangely satisfying at the same time, to see all the crap that my non-sucky vacuum leaves behind in it's non-sucky job..
I was sufficiently disgusted. And that was just my craft room.. berber carpet.. where does all of that stuff hide in berber carpet?
Thanks Christie!! You made my day, and I promise, I will give you back your vacuum tomorrow.. first thing!
And Mer.. you saw just what I want.. ;) 15 more days?!


Rachael said...

I do have to say, What an awesome friend! That's way sweet of her. You lucky thing! Not every body gets to try out the product before they get there own.

Hey, You could offer to play with her vacuum at her house too! Maybe I'm just weird but I would much rather clean someone else's house than my own.

Emalee said...

ohhh now you need to buy one for sure because you will never want to use that crappy vacuum again......

GRAMEE said...

em and i posted at the same time..

GRAMEE said...

you could offer to play with her vacuum at her house too! <<

only if they have a dyson..not just any old non-sucky vacuum. LOL!

Six-Pack Momma said...

I was hoping it would help the argument. It took seeing first-hand for Randy to get on board with the purchase!

Brooke said...

we're actually thinking about getting a dyson too... you wanting one is making me want one. :)

Platt Family said...

I need to get a dyson, I have been using my moms and it is great!