Thursday, January 22, 2009


The girls.. as usual, are cracking us up, everyday.
Here's a few new ones..

In Sacrament meeting, Ashley takes the water, throws it back like it's a shot (thanks for teaching her that, Clint..) and says, very not whisper like, "AAAHHHHH!!! That was GOOD!"

While eating breakfast one morning, Ashley thoughtfully says, "Mom, you remind me of someone I know..." um... your MOTHER perhaps?

At lunchtime one afternoon, Ashley was going through a list of friends she wants to invite to her birthday party (months away...) "I want to invite Paxton and Wyatt.. Hallie and Sophie.. Emma and Nathan and Hannah... and Tyler.." she let that one trail with a romantic little lilt to her voice.
Lynn whispers to me, "Mom.. I heard that Ashley likes Tyler.." Heard? Where? Primary rumor mill?

We went to see the hotel, the progress and all the new, fun updates.. while we were in the pool area, checking out the new stamped concrete floor, Lynn was checking out the tile laid on the wall of the pool.. Ashley yells to her, "Lynn! Come check out the HOT POOL!!" Ashley speak for "hot tub"..

Another Sacrament meeting story, something about that chapel brings out the funnies..
Ashley was pouting after she spilled her little cup of water, I was trying to get her to snap out of it.. winking at her, flashing "I love you".. making funny but quiet sounds with my mouth, anything to get her to smile at me.. She said, "I don't love you anymore mom..." So I stuck out my bottom lip, feigning a broken heart, turned away from her like I was going to cry, and she said, "Hey! Hold it there pard'ner.. I do love you!"

While driving home from my parent's house one night, Ash says, "I can't see anything Shugga Mama!!" Apparently I am "Shugga Mama"..

I was dancing with Ashley while clearing the table, holding her and performing a sort of waltz, taking the dishes to the sink, and waltzing back to the table. Ashley laid her head down on my shoulder and said, "Mom.. this is sooo romantic... (sigh)" I had to giggle, because she thought that dancing with her mom was romantic..

Ashley has been so focused on marriage, specifically to Brandon lately, everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be, "When I get married to Brandon..." So while I was changing Peyton's diaper, Ashley was telling me how much she likes to play at her Grandmas houses. She said, "So mom, when I get married to Brandon (she says it so in love-like..), and we have babies, I'll let you babysit them.."

Lynn and Ashley have interesting ways of saying that the are getting too big.. Lynn, for example, was telling Ashley that her shoes were too small for her, and they would soon be Ashley's, but this was how she said it: "My gold shoes are growing out of me.. they will fit you soon."

Addition 1/25/09

Three more..

While driving home from mom and dad's, a red minivan cut me off on the interstate, and Lynn yelled, "Hey! Watch it CHUNKY!!" I really don't yell at other drivers, I have no idea where she gets it from. :)

The girls love playing school.. they often say what their preschool teacher, Miss Stacy, has taught them: "Tootsie roll, lollipop.. we've been talking, now let's stop!"

They also love to say, "Peanut butter jelly.. spread out!" One learned from their week as little Bonneville cheerleaders.


Bonnie said...

I can't wait till David starts saying such cute things! Your girls are so beautiful, and funny, I giggle at the hilarious pictures you take of them, and Peyton is the most perfect baby!

Julie said...

Funny girls. We'd love to have Ash be part of our family.

Laura said...

All of those are so funny! Don't you just love your kids, I know mine keep me laughing!

TumbleBee said...

oh,they are so dang cute and funny!