Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's awesome..
Celebrating the last of my twenties..
Can't wait to be 30!! (364 days to go...)
Today was an incredible day, birthday or no birthday.. history is in the making, and we are blessed enough to witness it. I hope Lynn and Ash have inherited my memory!!
Got a birthday call from mom (heart).. so thankful she's the one who gave birth to me! Look at all I have because SHE gave me life.. and raised me too.. taught me just about everything I know!!
My sweet little Lynnie, gave me 2 dollars and 2 cents.. "So you can buy somethin' for yourself.. like some nail polish.. or a lip gloss... maybe a dress (wiggling her little eyebrows..) so you can wear it on a date!.. or to church.." What a sweet unselfish kid! She gets that from her dad.. ;)
Loved my e-card from Ally.. thanks sweetie!
I had a few visitors, a few calls, more than a few birthday wishes on Facebook, and they are still comin'!
Enjoyed just a little of this HUGE ice cream cake curteosy of Kaitlyn and MiKell.. thanks chickies! Lynn, Ash, and Pey loved it as well..
Mer took me to McGrath's (more than one late night up watching Food Network had my mouth watering..) got steak and crab legs.. mmmm.... forgot my camera, tried my cell phone's camera. and my computer won't let me save it as a picture file! Well, all the better.. I wouldn't want to tease ;)
Then we got to wrestle the girls to leave Grammy's house... we had to work off dinner anyway..
Plenty of sweet hugs and kisses from the girls... what a day!!
Thanks all for making it such a swell day!!


kdance10 said...

Hope you had a great birthday. Sounds like you had fun. I love the pee coat by the way

Six-Pack Momma said...

Feeling dumb I didn't do a better job contributing....I'm saving mine so we can stretch your birthday out ALL week! He he!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Randee Mayes said...

Happy Birthday Min!!!! We're all blessed to have you in OUR lives!!!!!

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Min! Is that your new pea coat? It looks cute on you. That cake looks yummy!

I think we may have ordered the same coat. I ordered a gray double breasted pea coat in gray twill. And it looks like you have the same thing on! I guess you'll have to let me know when your going to ware your somewhere so I don't ware mine!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bonnie said...

Mmmmm Crab legs. I am glad you didn't have your camera for all of our sakes! Gotta figure out how to get the hubby over to McGraths...

Ally0005 said...

Sound like you had a great day. Wish I there to wish you happy birthday in person.One day, one day.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Mindy! Sorry I am a little slow:) Computer time is very limited right now! Looks like you had a great few days and an awesome present!