Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's June Baby!!!

Well, nearly :)
So I attempted to make my own June Desktop Background...It's all Mindy Terasawa.. love her designs!
I do have a layout, well a few, cookin' in my brain. I was all ready to take off and fly with them, but then I heard thunder.. and I lost all concentration.
We love a good storm around this house! Now it smells so unbelievably good....
Hey, and I must say I did pretty well catchin' up...
Let's see if my stellar math skills can process this one...
January 12 + February's 3..
Plus March's 0 :D
Still... 15!
15 plus April's 3 = 18...
And I got 28 done in May..
18 + 28 = 46
Hmmm... only 98 to go!

I Love to See the Temple...

Yesterday morning, we got up and dressed in our Sunday best to go to the temple for our Primary activity.I am so homesick for Primary, so I was more than happy to be there, with those kids and leaders again!Lynn was quite disappointed when I told her that we most likely wouldn't be entering the temple. But trying to explain the reasons "why" to my six year-old weren't going to stop her bad attitude.. and the unattractive face that comes with it. Telling her that we would soon attend the open house for another new temple in the area, didn't soothe her either.
So she was stoked when the security guard who was acting as tour guide announced, "Let's go across the street and go inside the temple."
She was ecstatic!! "I told you so!" she said triumphantly.
Not what she thought.. it was only the visitor's area, right inside the doors.
She watched, vigilantly, for an opportunity to sneak through the next set of doors, to somehow get "inside" the temple..
I hope the fountains made up for it :)
We also went to the DUP Pioneer museum.. I have got to go back there!! I haven't been since I was little, and I could look at every object, every name.. there was some cool stuff there!
Depiction of "Battle of the Bulls", Joseph Levi Fifield (my fifth great-grandfather), was involved in. The Battalion were blessed before they departed, by Brigham Young, that they would not be involved in any conflict with men, if they did what was right. As they got near southern California, they happened upon these wild bulls who attacked. Levi was getting his shotgun ready to fire at one of the charging animals, and it jammed! He kept trying to get it to fire but the Spirit told him to "get down". He did, just as one of the bulls jumped over his head. there were a few injuries, a few killed animals, but no human loss. It was also a blessing as they had not had much meat their whole trip. They loved the fresh beef! (Gerald Lund used this story in "The Work and the Glory" novel, but adapted it to be another character.)

A pioneer handcart. It was found in Iowa (if I remember correctly..) and sat in some one's garage for a long while. They donated it to DUP (grandma was a DUP.) to display here. Can you imagine loading this, 15 pounds per person, full and trekking across the country?!

With tomorrow's FHE lesson being on the temple, and this trip yesterday, I think the girls will be more than excited to go to the open house. I can't wait to take them.. I know that I cry over EVERYTHING, but I cry just at the thought of showing them this magnificent place!! To show them the beauty, to feel the Spirit, and to know that, one day, I will be there with them again. What a blessing to have so many temples so close to us, to have the knowledge, and to be able to teach our children and to take them there!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good for a laugh!

Lynn's teacher put together a DVD slide show of all the events this year in Kindergarten, put to music they listened to in class. Very cute!!
Lynn has been singing these songs all year, giggling while singing.
It was cute, we just didn't quite get it though.
Now, we do.
She's always good for a laugh.

It got stuck in my head yesterday, and I woke up this morning with it still in there.. it's competing with "Rock Lobster" for the song stalking status.
Ashley loves these songs now too.. and so we seem to have a choir on our hands, singing cheerful, silly children's songs.
After listening to this song over and over again, Ashley seems to think that raising her arm, and pointing to her armpit means "I love you"..
So I guess they are both good for a laugh!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun night out..

First and foremost: Happy Birthday Jen!!
I really did have a fun night out.. good food, good friends.. mmmm dessert.. fun..
Most definitely, until I arrived home.
Chaos greeted me at the door.
I was reassured, quite immediately, that my choice in locking my craft room door was indeed the correct one..
It was the ONLY room in my house that didn't require my immediate attention.
There is something about lemonade, cleaned-up half-heartedly (or by a 6 and 4 year old) and sprinkles, distributed throughout the top floor (comprising the kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, and a bathroom.. oh and the hallway, conveyance to previously listed rooms..) of my humble abode, that stick to the feet :)
I, personally, find it awfully annoying.
Even Peyton would stop, mid stride, to sit down, and brush the small, yet very colorful, annoyances off the bottoms of her feet.
It's all vacuumed.
Thank heavens for the Dyson.. I had to empty the canister twice!! What would I have done if I still had the annoying non-sucker kicking it around these parts?
Now, the floor needs to be mopped.. there's still the lemonade, or should I call it "lemonade residue", to deal with.

*NOTE: There is no finger pointing at the "designated responsible adult" (Dad) here.. the poor guy got called into work last night at midnight.. worked till nearly two, and then tried to sleep at work, only to come home to shower, and be back at 9 am.. he's pooped, not negligent :)**

Bathtub Adventure..

Here's a layout the subject being one of the latest hilarious happenings in our house...

Flashback Friday...

I am not trying to rub it in..
But our last day was today, and we are so happy!!!
Yay!! Summer is HERE!!!!!!
Here's Lynn on her first day. She was so excited, didn't want me to even walk her in!
I was scared.. for everything to come.. this is my baby!!Then there was the school year..
That is why we are so head-over-heels in love with summer this year!
She has learned so much.
She has grown.
She has dealt with all the newness and the hard times well.. And she came through without any scars.. at least none that I can see. Now a therapist on the other hand.... ;)
I loved this pic too.. can you tell how excited we are?
I am so proud of her!!
Now I think I will practice some deep breathing techniques.. the thought of first grade just occurred to me! :0

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Bathtub Adventure..

After dinner, I successfully got the girls in the tub (not a hard feat).
They were splashing and giggling away..
I decided to get a few small chores done.
Finish loading the dishwasher, start the machine, clean the sink..
I went downstairs to change loads of laundry, and the giggling had turned into shrieks.
I ran upstairs to find Lynn and Ashley both perilously balancing their slippery, wet bodies on the four inch edge of the bathtub.
Poop in the tub.
In the water with the waste was the culprit, Peyton, sitting, and splashing, quite contentedly. Obviously not understanding what all the commotion was about.
I promptly removed the one from the actual bathwater (now more like toilet water), the other two were rescued from their perilous perch, and the contaminated water drained.
I kept them in the vicinity, still prepared for the decontaminating hosing-down to come, and cleaned the tub.
As I re-filled the clean tub with clean water, I told the girls to hop in.
Lynn was appalled.
"But there was poop in there!!"
"I cleaned it."
"With your BARE HANDS?!"
"Well, yes.. I happen to clean the toilets, usually bare handed, change diapers with my bare hands, and wipe bums bare handed as well."
"That's gross."
I then washed her body with my bare hands and laughed as she freaked-out when my hand got too close to her face for her comfort level. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

nuthin' but...

had to document the happenings in our home :)

Kindergarten Graduation...

Seriously, do you recall my anxiety over having her leave my constant care, to go to pre-school, then my increased anxiety over her going to school??
Then the school year.. some good, some.. well.... not so good.
It's over!!
And I must add, we (I) got the first grade teacher we (I) wanted :)
The family waiting for it all to begin.. Merrill dressed himself all up especially for the occasion ;)
There she is!!
Lynn and her teacher...
Lynn insisted on flowers for her teacher.. I think it has become a tradition.. she did it for pre-school too.
AND she even made her a card.. kinda glad I didn't have to do it.. what would I say? I think Lynn said it best. :D
We even got some pink roses for her.. so proud of you Lynnie-Lou!!!
She did so well in all areas. My favorite was reading her journal, all of the cute pictures in it, and the best, her phonetic spelling.. I honestly cried!! But when don't I? :)
Now we are off for our celebratory lunch, her choice, McDonalds.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A family with style..

I have proof.
It all began this morning, as Ashley got ready for the day. She could not find the mate to her beloved Hello Kitty crocs. So she decided to find the lonesome Kitty a mate..The destined mate was a glittery hot pink canvas slip-on..
As I tried to convince her that the two did not match, she argued the point well.
Her concluding point, "They are both pink..."
So off we went, to run our errands.
We went first to Sam's Club.
Ashley would fit right in there ;)
After we hunted down the items on our list there (and some items not on our list..), we went to get gasoline.
As I pulled up to a pump not already occupied, I noticed an older woman (note how I do not say old, as she was close to my own mother's age, and my mother IS NOT OLD.) who was in the process of filling her vehicle with the fuel while conversing on her cell phone.
Never mind the stickers posted on the pumps themselves, and the various warnings scattered around the vicinity, she was chatting away. I found this funny, even more when I noticed the attendant making his way to the rule-breaker.
As I got out of my car, he was right behind my car, and he greeted me.
"Hello there ma'am (I hate being ma'am-ed!!!).. those aren't for eating, you know."
Membership card in my teeth (pockets and wallets are overrated) I patted my pockets, trying to look like I forgot something.
"I feel like I've forgotten something.. I think I forgot my electronically charged cell phone so I can make a call while I am conveniently pumping flammable gasoline into my vehicle.."
He looked at me. So serious. Then at the other lady, and then another. Ha! There was another rule-breaker?! Then he looked back at me. He understood my joke. Then he smiled.
"Some people.."
He went to the first woman and kindly told her she needed to put it away. She contested, but eventually put it away.
Then he went to the second woman, who didn't give him the same attitude vocally, but otherwise. He came back to where I was.
"They really have to ask me why? Like I put all of these stickers up for my own enjoyment? Like I just made it up?!"
"Well, did they at least thank you for saving their lives?" I added sarcastically.
Then he proceeded to tell me what he didn't get from them.
It is something similar to what I find in Peyton's diaper at least once daily.
So that is how I found myself being quite "stylish" without my cell phone in hand at Sam's club today.
Lynn brought home a very stylish, handcrafted, tie for Merrill as an early Father's day gift. She just couldn't wait to give it to him..And lastly, Peyton..
She has been very attached to Ashley's doll pillow lately. She came up to me repeatedly today, with pillow in hand, and her shirt pulled up with the other.I don't know if Ashley playing "pregnant" so much lately has rubbed off on baby sis, but she wanted it so stylishly shoved up her little shirt!

Monday, May 25, 2009


i am certainly loving this basic layout.. yesterday's was quite similar :)
i learned hoe to use torn paper elements today, courtesy of "YouTube"..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tainted Memories..

It hasn't been the funnest Sunday, I'll quickly admit...
Peyton and Ashley did not sleep well last night, which is directly linked to the groggy state I functioned in the entire day today.
Peyton's so called contribution of crabbiness, non nap taking, and the desire for me to constantly hold her so she could subsequently shove her fingers into her mouth, and then the other hand down my shirt (this is the epitome of comfort to her..), did not help either.
Peyton and I missed church in the interest that other worshipers might possibly enjoy it.
She hasn't been her happiest today.
I have played countless games of Freecell, because I can do that one-handed..
I even got a digital scrapbook page done; that too, is a one-handed task..
Not much time for me to do what I wanted to do to relax today, until...
Everyone, but Peyton of course, slowly drifted upstairs, I found myself in control of the remote.
One of my favorite movies of all time was on.
I have loved "Dirty Dancing" since I was a kid. It was on HBO at my friend's house, my parents didn't know I saw it. Needless to say, I never saw it again, and I didn't quite understand why.. until I saw it as an adult.
So, I was excited to watch it tonight as it was on ABC Family :)
I was having fond memories, remembering the Christmas I got the soundtrack (on tape, and I now own it on CD) and the poster of Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle. He lived on the back of my bedroom door for years and was moved to the wall only when I discovered New Kids On The Block, and got a 6 foot tall door poster.
He is still so hot!
Lynn came downstairs just in time for the closing dance number and song.
I was rather enjoying my little reverie, when she suddenly piped-up: "Hey! I remember this!! This is from 'Family Guy'.. remember that old guy sings this song?"
I had started out chuckling at her perception that this was from "Family Guy", and ended-up laughing so hard that I was crying, visualizing Herbert singing, "The Time of My Life" while Storm Troopers danced...
Now my sweet memories are tainted. ;)


The only type of scrapbooking I can do one-handed while I snuggle a little girl who doesn't feel good today :(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Word Up!

It's "Word Girl"!!
I downloaded a FREE kit from here, and wouldn't you know, the colors are perfect!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Here's a digi of Peyton.. doing one thing she does well, eat dirt.I also made a few cards..
I love love love my butterfly punch.. have I said that before?But I really loved how Maggie Holmes used hers in this month's CK. I scraplifted that :)
And some wedding cards.. 'tis the season!Now on to put the finishing touches on my scrap space, that should have been finished loooong ago.. or to cuddle up and watch a movie? Hmmmmm...

Open House fun..

** DISCLAIMER!!! ALL PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO JACLYN.. I neglected to bring my own camera.. then went and got it, and left it in my purse the rest of the day :) So.. THANK YOU JACLYN!!!!***
Such a long day yesterday, but thanks to Diet Coke, lots of cookies, Tylenol (extra strength), my Vitamin B12 super complex, a Monster energy drink, good company, and many, many laughs.. I made it!
It was fun spending a whole day with Merrill at work, socializing, and giving tours (and did I mention eating cookies.. lots of cookies.). I even got my own snazzy name tag..I didn't want to look like the uber-friendly traveler that just happened to be staying there, greeting everyone and offering tours..
I think I should have done a bed-making demo.. or maybe a towel folding seminar.. ;)
I would have needed additional expert help... (you know who you are..)
There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony with The Chamber of Commerce..MiKell and her gi-hugant scissors..
Dixon and the Mayor of Uintah..
Kitty and our little certificate that I now get to hang :)

..then a dinner (mmmm.. catered by Sandy's) after the open house. I met many, many people. Each would look at my name tag and ask what my "job" was..
"I am the general manager's wife."
The simple sentence that in not too many words says: I wash his shirts, iron when they need it (Downy wrinkle release is AWESOME!!), go to the dry cleaners (the girls at Hoffman's and I are getting pretty tight.), make sure his house is cleaned, ensure the children are happy, and he has a meal on the table at the end of the day.. not to mention errands :D
No, really, I love it!!
I did not make a cake.. Sam's donated one.. and I cannot in any way compete with their whipped frosting, you know, that whipped-creamy kind.. yummm.. Jaclyn and I fought over the corner pieces until we realized there were two corners with frosting balloons (a.k.a. a couple slices of heaven).Jaclyn took some random photos... check me out.. that is my tongue sticking out.. Merrill is all serious-like.
Then Merrill realized something was up.. I thought it was funny, so did Gene (my new best friend who was across from us watching it all.. chuckling.).
Isn't he great?
Kaitlyn who is the best sandwich maker,who also happens to have an awesome and very current food handler's permit :) We enjoyed watching her little Lakette legs allll day long.. and we whistled at her to keep the morale high.
The focus of this pic is supposed to be me and my new BF Gene.. he's one of the Suits from Best Western. A real affable fellow. But there's David behind the front desk.. he's the one that Ashley thinks I am going to marry one day.. remember this post?
And here's "George", the buffalo. When George was "hung", Ashley asked: "Where's him butt and legs?"
We told her they were in a guest room somewhere on the second floor :D
My feet (being on them all day in heels) and hands (helloooo.. I washed I dunno how many dishes...) are recovering nicely..
(Thanks to my pals who came to see me! :D)


The other day, as I was talking to mom on the phone (we do that a lot..) she mentioned that she had something for me.
This isn't unusual. Sometimes it's a favorite treat of mine she spied (she's especially good at finding chocolate covered marshmallow anything... mmmmm..) or even inspiring talks and quotes.
She's super sweet.. I love her! She's my mommer..
So after her crazy hectic day yesterday (watching the majority of her grandchildren for the hotel open house, an ALL day event..) she brought it up again as I was getting the kiddos..
"I have that something for you."She handed me an afghan, and a paper that looked an awful lot like a Patriarchal Blessing all typed up nice and neatly.
She tearfully explained, "This is the last afghan grandma was working on.." I begin to cry.. "I finished it for you to keep."
WOW!! This is going in the cedar chest..
"And I thought you might like to have a copy of her Patriarchal Blessing."
More crying..
Now, for those who might not know or understand what Patriarchal blessing is, it is not a fortune, there are no crystal balls involved, no card readings done, it is simply a blessing, filled with guidance and direction, blessings promised if we do our part, if we are faithful.
Grandma got hers later in her life, when her younger brother was called and ordained a Patriarch. It was so interesting to read, as most people get them when they are younger, and it talks about the life ahead of them.
Hers focused on all that she had done, and what she was to do with the time left.
It was also a blessing, as it has given me some help with my RS lesson for June..
I love these treasures.. awesome blessings!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Come on down!!

Consider this your invite, if you didn't get one, or don't take the paper...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Merrill says I am "brilliant" for not picking up on the stay at the hotel idea... "Where were you on that one Min?.."
In other news..
At 4 pm, Merrill wasn't here, but the rain was :)
The rain was still here when he arrived at 4:45.
After dinner, when the rain was gone, he changed and climbed on top of the roof..
There were no indoor rainstorms or sprinklers going off..
We will be cool tonight, and not need the hotel.
Blessings. I'll take all I can get!

An apple a day..

Can I just say that Katie Pertiet is the bomb!!!
I have been loving her stuff and Mindy (love the name too ;)!!) Terasawa's creations.
Go here to find them..
Love this new barcode font too... may not be "new", but is new to me!
So I still have the give away from February to mail out (I know, GASP!!)... sorry Bree!!
I just can't help myself..
I got PhotoShop and just keep on making it cuter... over and over and over again..
I promise, I have some bonus goodies to make up for it's tardiness, hopefully they make up for it :)

Hotter than...

This was what I was trying to decide last night.. I know I will be eating my words come mid July when it really is quite unbearable at 113..
What was my house hotter than? I can think of a few things...
Nobody was getting any sleep.. well, Merrill was, Peyton was between her tosses and turns. But Lynn, Ash, and myself, up. Hot and uncomfortable.
The girls did end up going to sleep, after I gave them each a gallon-sized Ziploc freezer bag filled with ice :)
I hinted to Merrill all day how hot the house was, and he teased back about how the temps were supposed to drop again to mid 70s the middle of the week.. those thoughts do not help to cool me down at night.
We had FHE and needless to say, we are worried about Ash.. she let go of the "Iron Rod" (me) when "Satan" (Merrill) tempted her first, with a piece of bubble gum, and then with a Hannah Montana concert featuring the Jonas Brothers as her opening act.. oh, Ashley..
We enjoyed our treat... which was in the freezer..
But Merrill stayed in his suit.
No swamper tonight.
As we were all trying to settle down to sleep, he kept apologizing.
"I should have done it."
I can't blame him. I am dreading the yearly event myself..
1- Will the bathroom doorway rain?
B- Or will Peyton's light fixture turn into a sprinkler again?
III- That clean-up of all the dust and dirt that settles in the air duct, then blows all over the house really sucks to clean up.
I even stayed up watching "Paranormal State" trying to catch a chill ;)
Lack of sleep isn't the only side-effect of this blessed heat.. cat fights (rrreearrr!!!).. the girls just can't seem to get along on anything.
So today, I have an appointment with Merrill, not wearing a suit, at 4 pm, to hook up the swamper.. now I just hope there aren't any thunderstorms a brewing for the appointed time, or one of those lovely splits in the copper tubing that runs through the attic that we have had the pleasure of dealing with for two years running now. While I love a good storm, or rainstorm on the top floor of my house, I don't love either more than a good night's sleep!
So today, we have retreated to the basement.. it's cool down here for more than one reason ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The last..

The last of the hospital layouts...
Maybe the thoughts of another new little one (Cori Marie ;)..) will dissipate.
I so miss being pregnant.. birth, nursing :(

Friday, May 15, 2009

something quick..

After PTA-ing all day (fun friends make the difference between a long day and a fun day...) I put this together quickly.. the font, my new treat from (thanks Brooke!!)I also did these for our mom's (a.k.a. Grandmas) for Mother's Day.. had to wait for it to be over to post them ;)Some of the grandchildren, you will see, are on both.. I can explain: my brother married his wife, who happens to be my husband's sister.. the kiddos are double cousins! Now how fun is that?!