Friday, August 10, 2012

schenck family

this is my sweet friend’s family.

they recently found out that their mother, who has been cancer free for 15 years, has it again.

it was my pleasure to capture these images of their family for them.


meet amelia.

my sweet friend annie has welcomed a beautiful new daughter into the world.

(I am a little sweet on her..  her cheeks remind me of a newborn peyton’s.)

I can’t get over how pretty she is!

and it’s not like she hasn’t made adorable babies before…

amelia_05_b&w burnamelia_19_b&w burnamelia_22_b&w burnamelia_14_b&w burnamelia_23_b&w burnamelia_26_b&w burnamelia_24_b&w burn


where has time gone?

he was just a baby too

and he is still so stinking cute.

luke_08_vintageluke_07_b&w burnluke_10_vintageluke_11_vintage

miss liana turned 1.

here’s a not so long ago baby turning one!!!
I will not start in on how it wasn’t that long ago..  but she was just a baby.
liana_05liana_02_vintageliana_04_b&w burnliana_03_vintage

poll family

these kids aren’t strangers to me.

this is one of my favorite cousins, his darling wife, and adorable daughter.

(I am well aware that all of my cousins are my favorites…)

maylee isn’t a stranger to you, either.

(rememberand thisthis is her tooaaand here.)

and what’s more?  these kids are welcoming a darling baby boy.

(sure to be, he will be a poll after all.)

poll 04_vintagepoll 16_vintagepoll 20_vintagepoll 30_vintagepoll 31_vintagepoll 36_vintagepoll 43_vintagepoll 45_vintagepoll 49_vintage

Thursday, August 2, 2012

um, yes. these are my girls.

just in case a misunderstanding were to take place here, I just wanted to be sure that you understand, these are my children.

I am told they are “stamped hard” with that pitcher brand.

I can tell you that personality-wise, they are mostly me.  they are goofy, silly, at times inappropriate.  but they are also a little shy.

funny story about this here shoot, it was born in my brain back in may.  we came across this fabulous wall on 17th street in ogden, while driving to a sprinkler parts store far too many times in one week.  I kept fantasizing about it.  the colors for the outfits needed to be funky and mis-matched, but not too crazy.  I knew ashley would have to wear boots..  nails must be painted.  I worried about how long lynnie’s legs would look in these shorts.  but I worried mostly about being accosted by a bum being in that part of ogden.

then, still back in may, while shopping at target, peyton and I came across parts of these outfits on clearance.  they came together too easily.

and then summer came.

I vowed I would not sit in front of the computer too much.

I promised that I would enjoy every second of this summer with my girls.

and I waited for a time when merrill could go with me to that scary part of ogden where the bums roam.

and waited.

and waited.

and waited.

then august came.  the first day of august to be exact.

and I was like, “holy freaking crap!”  because that is what I say when I freak out a bit.  “school is going to start THIS MONTH.”  and all of those memories of my dreamed-up photo-shoot in front of this crazy wall with the darling + cheap outfits came rushing at me.  I debated for a second between catching-up on the laundry and going to take these pictures.  I debated about waiting for merrill, realizing that that kid will be far too busy for the next 11 days to count on him to protect us from bums.  then I did hair and painted nails like it was going to save my life.

(I did not look so cute.  maybe that is why we weren’t bothered?)

and it was successful.

everyone got along quite perfectly.

(you know, because their payoff was lunch at “yak” donald’s.  what?  you don’t call it that?)

so here you go, just a few (haha) of my favorites.

aug_01_vintageaug_02_vintage burnaug_05_vintageaug_03_vintage burnaug_06_vintageaug_08_vintageaug_11_vintageaug_10_vintage burnaug_12_vintageaug_13_vintageaug_15_vintageaug_17_vintageaug_19_vintage

and then some goofy for you…

aug_20_vintageaug_21_vintage burnaug_22_vintage burnaug_23_edit

re-wind to july for a second.

due to the lifestyle I have adopted for the summer, I relaxed a bit too much.

I was a slacker.

but I made up for it before july was officially over.

they document some of our fun this summer..  click on them to find a complete list of products used.

some “this is the place” fun:


one of our trips to the dam:


another “dam” trip:



and ashley’s emotional road to mastering her two wheeler sans training wheels.