Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Christmas in July series: Part 1

Yes, I know, it is no longer July, but it was when I made these…
christmas in july 029
I love Nativities, LOVE them.
I like even more, when they are virtually indestructible.
(Three very excitable little girls helped teach me to love that aspect of a good Nativity.)
So here’s your supply list:
christmas in july 003
- 2x2 cut into 3 separate lengths; 5 inches (Joseph), 4 inches (Mary), and 3 inches (manger).
- 1 2-2 1/2 inch wooden infant (I bought the old school clothespins and cut them down to 2 inches).
- 3 6x6 squares of cloth
- hemp or other fiber (optional)
- paint, paint brushes, and sandpaper.
- Hot glue.
(My specific paint colors were: Light Foliage Green, Wedgwood Blue, AC Flesh, Light Ivory, and Burnt Umber; all Delta brand.)
I only did one coat of paint, and distressed all the pieces but the heads after they dried with the sandpaper.
Glue on the heads too.  You don’t want to miss that step!
See, they are cute..
But we’ll add to that.
 christmas in july 004
For the fabric head dresses, take and fold down about 1/2 inch, then do it again to hide the raw edge.
christmas in july 005
And again..
christmas in july 006
Place a dot of glue in the center top of the head, and position the folded section of the fabric on top.
christmas in july 007
Dot some glue in the middle back to attach the fabric.
christmas in july 008
Repeat for the other half of our pair.
If desired, cut some fiber and tie it around the head after the fabric is attached.
christmas in july 010
And now for our little guy…
christmas in july 011
All you really see is his little head, so you don’t HAVE to paint the body, unless you are obsessive like me…  and this is how we swaddle him.
Fold the fabric in half diagonally and place your little guy in the center, the top of his head at the fold.
christmas in july 014
Fold down, one corner at a time, and securing with a dot of glue, so it looks like this:
christmas in july 015
And then like this:
christmas in july 016
The next fold makes a tighter wrap against the body.  Secure these with a dab of glue too.
christmas in july 017 
So he looks like this:
christmas in july 022
And then, dabbing some glue on the bottom “V”, fold the tail up to meet the “V” in the neck.
christmas in july 026 
Glue your little bundle on the manger, and re-unite the happy family.
christmas in july 029


Ally's Corner said...

Those are cute!!!

Bonnie said...

I absolutely love these!

Tiffany said...

So cute! This is one I'll have to try.

Rachael said...

Thanks for posting this! I think my kids are going to love 'em. :)