Thursday, August 26, 2010

One night of camping? I’ll take it!!

Last weekend, we went with my parents to their ward campout.  It was held at the place I call “my second home”.  I did a lot of growing up there, and love it.

So when the question came, multiple times, “All of this (picture the Pilot all loaded up) and you are just going up for ONE night?!”


I’ll take what I can get!

And, I will love it!

It was hard on everyone, but the kiddos especially, that we weren’t spending our usual week up there.

It was still heavenly.

Just a FEW of my fav pics:

Promise with a sleeping Abby.

august too 098

Ashley collecting firewood.

august too 104

Mom and Lynn going for a walk.

august too 120


august too 131

Peyton, so amazed at what rocks do when they hit water.

august too 142


august too 180  

My niece Hallie.

august too 223

Playing with trucks..

august too 267


august too 268

The Mayes men (-1).

august too 272

Flowers for me?!

august too 283

James listening to the campfire tell it’s story.

We sat around the campfire a lot longer, and later then we usually would, considering we only had the one night.

august too 320

You could usually find Ashley, right next to Abby!

august too 331

Finding bugs..

august too 332 

Sharing bugs..

august too 343


august too 337

Grandpa doing what he does best, buggin’ and teasing.

august too 346

And how could you say no to either of these…

(The pictures, I mean.)

august too 210august too 198

It was a great weekend, even though we ALL wished it were longer.  The girls also wished we had our hitch and bike rack so we could have brought the bikes…  maybe next year.


Amber said...

The picture of Ashley kissing Peyton makes me think of an ad for some sort of kid's summer item. That's actually a compliment because it's very cute and I'd be inclined to buy what you're selling. :)

MEK said...

How fun!! I love all the picturs!!

Rachael said...

Camping is so fun, even if it's only for one day. Packing up a new car is lots of fun too. I still get excited about packing up my car and my baby/car is two years old now. :)

Bonnie said...

missed this post! love it!