Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Can this really be happening?
Lynn is seven..  really?!

It seems just like yesterday...
I love this girl!!  I love watching her grow and learn, it is a blast!
She is the best older sister..  she can also be the sassiest, most teasing, aggrivating sister too.  She is coming into her own little mommy phase though, taking good care of her younger sisters.
We are so blessed to have little "Lynnie-Lou-Hoo" in our family.
Love you Honeybear!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

History Repeats Itself..

And I hate it.
I am still dizzy, not wanting to throw up anymore, thanks to some help from Brooke..
As I have spent most of the last three days, horizontal,and sipping Sprite, and thinking, trying to figure out what this nasty thing is.
In my reflecting, I realized that this has happened before.
Two times before.
First, the day after my 15th birthday.  We were playing a basketball game for Young Womens when it hit.  I don't remember much, but I do remember running into Crystal Howe, then going to my mom, and then being carried.
I was put on Meclizine and  it helped,  and I was in bed for a few days.  I remember Kevin telling me that everyone thought I was faking it.  I got so mad, I stabbed him in the arm with the cordless phone that had a telescoping antenna.
(Sorry Kev..)
The second time was after we had been married, in the old house, no kids yet, I was working at Sears.  I had to go to the doctor because it was interfering with work..  it was awful.  They took blood and ran a bunch of tests only to come back to a form of vertigo.  I was put on the same stuff but don't recall how long it took for life to resume it's normalcy.
So here we are now..  repeating the history of dizziness.
My sister-in-law, Brooke gets terribly motion sick, and has an arsenal of tried and true (and some not so true) remedies.  She was my go to girl last night when I realized all that was going on this week, and needed something to help me, fast.  She was kind enough to share her patches that were hunted-down and procured in the wonderful country of Canada.  They have helped immensely.
I love Brooke..
And Canada.. 
I am dizzy, but no longer horizontal, or running to be near the toilet.
I accomplished just about all that I needed to get done today..
- Birthday shopping..  we are threatening her with underwear, and that's it.
- Cake baked..  decorate it tomorrow.
- Groceries done..  we are having Thanksgiving TWICE this week.
- Eye doctor re-visited..  they messed-up my prescription.
So this is what it is all about today:

Thank you Brooke!
And another thanks goes out to my doorbell-ditcher.

Thank you!  :)

November 23rd..

November 22nd..

November 21st..

Thank you....

Friday, November 20, 2009

November 19th..

November 20th..

November 18th..

At 5:30 am..

At 5:30 this morning, I had been asleep for approximately 2.5 hours.
I had gone with my 5 sisters in law to see the 11:59 pm showing of "New Moon", and arrived home around 2:30 am.
It was awesome, by the way.
Shortly after 3:30 in the am, Peyton woke up. 
Due to past 3 in the am experiences, I was a little on edge, but was already not sleeping well due to the continued dizziness. 
Peyton was sleepy, but restless.
At 5:35, and I know, because the clock was the first thing I looked at, Peyton started "the cough", you know, the one where you feel their little stomach muscles going, ready to throw up...
That was oh, so fun.
After she finished throwing up all over my side of the bed (which Merrill slept so soundly through..) I took her into the bathroom and began pouring a bath, and stripping her down.  She was happy as could be.  I was dizzy and feeling like I was going to throw up.  I was sure it was just because the smell was everywhere..  but no.
A load of laundry was started and the dizziness only got worse.  Pretty soon, I was throwing up, trying to remember the last time this had happened.
When I was preggers with Peyton, I did.  But that wasn't because I was sick.  It was because I had taken a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to remedy my heartburn, because I was out of my medicine, and it was the Sabbath..
I will never do that again.
So the time before that was the one that would really count, was when I was pregnant with Ashley and I got a stomach bug.
It's been a while.
It has been a pretty lousy day, not quite feeling well enough to do much.  I kept both girls home from school, because I don't know what it is that we have, and I don't want to spread it, and I also didn't want to get a call telling me that one or the other has shared breakfast with their class, and have to go get them.  Have you ever tried driving while dizzy?  Not a good idea.
I think I freaked Merrill out a bit..  he was trying to call, I was was trying not to fall over running to answer the phone, also had Peyton asleep in my arms, so I didn't rush to answer either phone.  He came home, and I could tell he was a little panicked.  I am thankful that he is close enough, and able to run home if need be though.
I am starting to feel a bit better now.
And my kitchen is clean. :)  That makes everything better.
Thanks are owed to Wheatables, Sprite, and good neighbors and family who have helped.
Hopefully the barftasitic part of our weekend is now over.
Wish us luck...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

911 Education..

I will admit, I love Dr. OZ.
I will also admit that I watch his show, when I can.
I will also admit that I might just be a little paranoid now whenever I get a pain or experience some discomfort, because I am trying to remember what "the doctor" said.
The other day, I woke up felling really dizzy.
Then, while trying to decide what to have for breakfast, I felt nauseous.
Oh, my back hurt too!
After an appointment, I felt pressure, much like heartburn, but worse, and then the paranoia set in.
I immediately went to "the doctor's" web site, only to confirm that all these symptoms together, were indicative of a heart attack in a woman.
Not wanting to be the paranoid woman that I know I am, I went to WebMD only to find that their conclusion for these combined symptoms in a female ages 25-34 years old, was in fact, a heart attack.
I tried to call Merrill to talk to him, just in case this were to be my fatal moment..
No answer, sent to voice mail.
I tried my mom next..  busy signal.
I thought of a handful of others that would take my phone call with no apparent reason, just a gab session to be on the other end of that line in case my time came up, but as I went to dial, realized it was time to get Ashley from preschool.
That would make for a fantastic traffic accident.
See, I am so dramatic!
As I got home, and made lunch, doubled over in pain and getting weird looks from Ash the whole time, I taught her all about 911.
I went through hypothetical situations with her, all while I was laying in the fetal position on the kitchen floor, asking her what she should do, another situation came up.
"What if mom falls down the stairs, can't move, and doesn't wake up?"
"Is the phone downstairs with you?"
"Well then I would be too scared to go down and get the phone..  cause what if you were dead, but you wake up when I go to touch the phone and you show me your creepy skeleton bones and it scares me."
I laughed so hard that I think between that, and eating a good lunch, my pain subsided.

I {heart} brackets

With my craft room in working order again, I have gotten to some long awaited projects..
My magnet board in the kitchen just needed a little "something"..
So I added a "P".
But then the "P" needed a little something too..
That is where the {brackets} came in.

But did you know, that with all the fun wood cut-outs that are out there, there are NO BRACKETS?!  What an atrocity, I know.
I took my Alphalicious Font cartridge and new Cricut Expression, cut out some brackets at 7 and 1/4 inches, traced them onto some scrap wood, and went to visit my scroll saw.
I love that thing..
After some sanding, and a quick coat of spray paint, I ran the paper brackets through my Xyron (with permanent adhesive, of course..) and adhered them to the black brackets.
A little more sanding, some cute trim tied to one, and PERFECT!!

I guess the only thing I would be missing is a calendar for the year 2009..
But I have made it this far in the year..  why bother? ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really.. MORE crying?!

Ashley, on top of being the emotional little girl that she is, has been even MORE emotional than usual lately.
SO emotional in fact, that she has her dad and I (but mostly her dad) very concerned about the levels of liquid in her little body.
Monday evening, as we were planning out our December activities, listening to music and dancing a little, Ashlely was wronged, somehow, and the torrent of tears began.  They continued for some time and Merrill was astounded.
"HOW can you still be crying?  I do not think there is sufficient water in your body to sustain crying of this magnitude and duration."
(Okay, that probably wasn't the exact quote, but similar.  I already asked him to re-create it once, while watching "The Office", and for some reason, he can only get parts of it..  just trying to be honest and accurate here..)
Last night, we enjoyed(?) part two of her new nightly act.
Dad, again, couldn't take the wailing for the extended performance..
(Must be because he's a softy and at work of all places all day long, not here with me building up an immunity to the sound effects..)
"Really?!  Really Ashley..  is this necessary, again?  I think you are pumping a dry well."
And so it goes.
I hope her new-found emotionality finds the door soon.
And I don't care if it is the front door or the back door.
Oh, my carpet is still damp, by the way.
Better go out and get that ShamWOW! and possibly a box of tissues for Ashley..  maybe I can create a cool strap-on holder for them..  you know, so they can be with her at all times..

The craft room is done!!

The craft room is finally finished.
So I will show you the results, and then announce the winners.

As you can see, I did go with a neutral color for the walls.  Neutrals (greys, whites, and browns) are the easiest to work with when you want to change things up quickly and inexpensively.  I also left this colors on the walls of my old bedroom and really loved it, wanted to take it with me..  so I did!
I dreamed of many accent colors but settled on the blue I already had going on and red (which I have been loving lately as well..) black and white always round things out.
Funny thing is, that when I was fantasizing about the two unfinished rooms in the basement becoming one BIG room, that would be all mine, my dream was pale yellow walls with the same accent colors..  Ally would have had it.. ;)  Your birthday gift has been un-earthed and will be on it's way to Georgia soon girl! 
So the winners are:
Brooke, because she hit the accent colors spot on.  Could it be because I was gushing about some pictures over at Julie Parker's blog?

And MANY of you suggested various shades of brown so there was a drawing on that one..
Christie got it.

Congrats ladies...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17th..

November 16th..


Last night, the girls decided, while all showering together, in my shower, that I just don't have enough to occupy my time fully.
So, with that decided, Ashley say on the drain in the shower, and consequently, flooded our whole bathroom.
The look Merrill gave me, as I was standing at the door talking to Brooke, was a slight warning, but as he usually takes things a bit differently than I do (I don't want to say "overreact" because he reads..  LOVE YOU HONEY!), I didn't think it could be too bad.
When I saw suds, and water all over THE WHOLE BATHROOM FLOOR, I knew it was a mess, but didn't understand the gravity of how bad it was until I got nearer to the bathroom door and felt the SOAKING WET CARPET IN OUR BEDROOM.
His previous look was quite accurate for the situation.
The children will not be showering in our shower, ever again.
You see, I figured they would do less damage in the shower, you know it's contained and all, than they do in the tub..

I was obviously wrong there.
I have completed three of the four loads of towels, as I had to use every towel available, oh, and the rugs too..
The carpet is still a little damp.
I guess I should invest in a ShamWOW!
But then they make up for it..
Lynn's list of things she is thankful for:

See..  someone is teaching her something.
Now could we have this most effective teacher cover the part where we don't plug up the shower with our butt to Ashley?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Digital fun: Fall style..

I have been working away, finishing the last little bits of the craft room, and the prizes for those who guessed the color palate accurately. :)
One of the prizes was in need of a custom stamp (a brush for you digi fanatics like me..) so I sat down, took a break, and made one..  and then another, and another, and another..
All the while Peyton was thoroughly enjoying herself and my stash of supplies.
Our loft area is now very glittery!

Here's where to get it...
Winners and pics of the craft room to be posted soon! :)

I've been busy...

Editing pictures and creating more digital pages, all to get my free Shutterlfy book...
Then I realized they can count as layouts too!!!
All digital this time. :)
Let's count:

But copies of them for all the albums I need take me to...  38.

What does that put me at..  um...  DONE!!!

No coincidence..

Today wasn't different from any other Sunday..
Okay, other than the fact that Merrill had sharing time today, I had a lesson, and we had to get to church a little early.  That fact, paired with the previous day's storm, made this Sabbath that much more exciting than the norm.
We were all ready to go, right on time for my taste, all loading in the car, I was the last one out, so I shut the door.
But we didn't have the keys.
I assumed that Merrill had grabbed them as he was the one who exited the house first, and was loading up the girls.
I had the diaper bag, my books, and a metal tote (I teach women, I have to have visual aids..) so needless to say, I was hoping he'd grabbed them right along with my assumption that he had.
He didn't..  obviously. 

What were we to do? 
We were just on time, not much time was left for walking, especially in the ice and snow.
Especially not with all the things we both were carrying for our assignments.
Not with three emotional little girls who would have made it the most pleasant walk EVER.
Merrill was ready to walk.  My mind was worrying about the whining and what we would do AFTER church.
He had a solution, but asked me if we really didn't have an extra key hidden anywhere.
(We learned that lesson at the old house...)
Kicking myself, and trying to come up with an explanation of why I hadn't taken care of that task with one of the SEVEN keys they left us, I realized...
There were some in the bag I happened to make the diaper bag that day.
I had put them there WEEKS ago, for no reason I can explain.
It was a "just in case" moment.
A prompting.
We were blessed today.
Big or small, there are no coincidences.
We got to church in time to set up what we needed to, able to relax and gather thoughts, prepare..
All because I did something that made no sense at the time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Commercial lessons..

Believe it or not, I have learned a thing or two from the TV.
Most of the time it is from the Discovery Channel, or the History Channel, or my new favorite, Dr. OZ..  sometimes it's from PBS kids.
The other day, I learned something from a commercial.
Yeah, I get it there too sometimes.
It wasn't the type of commercial one would normally associate gleaning knowledge from.
It was a Subaru commercial.
One line just stood out to me, and spoke to me and where I am in my life right now.
"Love the road you are on."
Now that might not sound as profound to you as it does for me..  but it is.
I think about where I am on my "road", and it isn't where I thought I would be, but I need to love where I am.
This time of the year brings many fond memories bubbling to the surface of my mind.
This was the time of year Merrill and I were engaged.  We really started to plan a wedding..  we weren't just dreaming anymore.  That excitement, that newness, isn't like it was then, we still have it, ten years later, and it isn't the same..  it is better, and I love it.
Home improvement projects (that we won't have for years to come..) were always going on this time of year. It was when work slowed down enough for Merrill that we could work on the large ones together, that the tax return multiplied that little bit in our savings account making it worth spending.  The smell of paint and the chop saw cutting through the flooring we lay..  they have painted over my "spiced cider" wall.. by the way.. 
This is the same time I was preparing to bring my first baby into the world.  The new life that brought into our home, the different spirit, the new way of life..  I treasure those memories.
It is also the same time of the year we brought our second baby home with us..  we were a little family of four.
There is something about the smells, the cozy warmth of our home this time of the year that leaves me longing for those days to be re-lived.
I long for another baby.
But I am here.
I am happy.
I have a very active, healthy, fun little family.  I do love life, but sometimes a smell or song will trigger a memory..  an article of clothing even.  Then I have to remind myself to love the road I am on. 
I cannot spend my days longing for what isn't, and might never be in this life.
I need to love the road I am on.
If we hadn't moved, I would be telling myself the same thing, but in a different way..
I think of so many that I know and love, who wish, who long for more, and I think of this simple commercial, that didn't make me want to go out and buy a new car, but made me think about my life, how I need to love where I am.
I will tell you, I do love where I am today...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Brooke asked about the numbers and then I got curious too..
Of 144 layouts (this year's goal) I have 106 done.
34 Traditional Layouts
72 Digital Layouts
That leaves 38 layouts to go...

Parent Teacher Conference..

Based on all that I heard at the conference I had with Lynn's teachers, she is doing just fine..
With one exception.
Lynn has been bringing something from home, and it is quite the distraction to her in class.
Her lip gloss.
That girl...
The student teacher that is in her class right now explained to me, amid their laughter, that Lynn will put it on for a full three minutes, then pass it to her neighbor.
I knew it was coming, she has been obsessed from a very young age.
Asking Lynn about it, she tells me that she isn't supposed to bring it if she puts it on that much, but she is afraid her lips will "get all dry".
Oh, how she makes me laugh!
Her teacher also informed me that Lynn is a perfectionist...
She has to have her art projects colored just so.  No white showing from the paper.
I wonder where she gets that from...

November 12th..