Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really.. MORE crying?!

Ashley, on top of being the emotional little girl that she is, has been even MORE emotional than usual lately.
SO emotional in fact, that she has her dad and I (but mostly her dad) very concerned about the levels of liquid in her little body.
Monday evening, as we were planning out our December activities, listening to music and dancing a little, Ashlely was wronged, somehow, and the torrent of tears began.  They continued for some time and Merrill was astounded.
"HOW can you still be crying?  I do not think there is sufficient water in your body to sustain crying of this magnitude and duration."
(Okay, that probably wasn't the exact quote, but similar.  I already asked him to re-create it once, while watching "The Office", and for some reason, he can only get parts of it..  just trying to be honest and accurate here..)
Last night, we enjoyed(?) part two of her new nightly act.
Dad, again, couldn't take the wailing for the extended performance..
(Must be because he's a softy and at work of all places all day long, not here with me building up an immunity to the sound effects..)
"Really?!  Really Ashley..  is this necessary, again?  I think you are pumping a dry well."
And so it goes.
I hope her new-found emotionality finds the door soon.
And I don't care if it is the front door or the back door.
Oh, my carpet is still damp, by the way.
Better go out and get that ShamWOW! and possibly a box of tissues for Ashley..  maybe I can create a cool strap-on holder for them..  you know, so they can be with her at all times..


Ally's Corner said...

Oh my sister it only get worse as they get older!

Hang on!


courtneycash said...

Hmmm, sounds like a second born to me! :-) Mine tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. It's actually become a fine quality of hers.

Bonnie said...

The tissue strap would be a good post for Scrapbook etc!