Thursday, November 19, 2009

911 Education..

I will admit, I love Dr. OZ.
I will also admit that I watch his show, when I can.
I will also admit that I might just be a little paranoid now whenever I get a pain or experience some discomfort, because I am trying to remember what "the doctor" said.
The other day, I woke up felling really dizzy.
Then, while trying to decide what to have for breakfast, I felt nauseous.
Oh, my back hurt too!
After an appointment, I felt pressure, much like heartburn, but worse, and then the paranoia set in.
I immediately went to "the doctor's" web site, only to confirm that all these symptoms together, were indicative of a heart attack in a woman.
Not wanting to be the paranoid woman that I know I am, I went to WebMD only to find that their conclusion for these combined symptoms in a female ages 25-34 years old, was in fact, a heart attack.
I tried to call Merrill to talk to him, just in case this were to be my fatal moment..
No answer, sent to voice mail.
I tried my mom next..  busy signal.
I thought of a handful of others that would take my phone call with no apparent reason, just a gab session to be on the other end of that line in case my time came up, but as I went to dial, realized it was time to get Ashley from preschool.
That would make for a fantastic traffic accident.
See, I am so dramatic!
As I got home, and made lunch, doubled over in pain and getting weird looks from Ash the whole time, I taught her all about 911.
I went through hypothetical situations with her, all while I was laying in the fetal position on the kitchen floor, asking her what she should do, another situation came up.
"What if mom falls down the stairs, can't move, and doesn't wake up?"
"Is the phone downstairs with you?"
"Well then I would be too scared to go down and get the phone..  cause what if you were dead, but you wake up when I go to touch the phone and you show me your creepy skeleton bones and it scares me."
I laughed so hard that I think between that, and eating a good lunch, my pain subsided.


BookwormMom said...

I'm always willing to come over and take your blood pressure and listen to your heart if you need me to.

You should have called me to come check you out! It's unlikely, but you never know. Having babies can put stress on a woman's heart, and sometimes an infection of any kind can put your heart over the threshold....

Hope you're feeling better, and next time you better call me.

Brooke said...

she is seriously so funny...

Julie said...

I think it is hilarious the way her mind works. Glad you are feeling better.

Gary Boyle Family said...

LOL!!! This is HILARIOUS! She is So funny! Aren't kids the greatest?!

kdance10 said...

Seriously that is too funny. Silly girls and there imaginations:)

Six-Pack Momma said...

ROFL!!!! LOVE that Ashley! You could always call me if you're dead. You know that, right? That's what friends are for.