Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last night, the girls decided, while all showering together, in my shower, that I just don't have enough to occupy my time fully.
So, with that decided, Ashley say on the drain in the shower, and consequently, flooded our whole bathroom.
The look Merrill gave me, as I was standing at the door talking to Brooke, was a slight warning, but as he usually takes things a bit differently than I do (I don't want to say "overreact" because he reads..  LOVE YOU HONEY!), I didn't think it could be too bad.
When I saw suds, and water all over THE WHOLE BATHROOM FLOOR, I knew it was a mess, but didn't understand the gravity of how bad it was until I got nearer to the bathroom door and felt the SOAKING WET CARPET IN OUR BEDROOM.
His previous look was quite accurate for the situation.
The children will not be showering in our shower, ever again.
You see, I figured they would do less damage in the shower, you know it's contained and all, than they do in the tub..

I was obviously wrong there.
I have completed three of the four loads of towels, as I had to use every towel available, oh, and the rugs too..
The carpet is still a little damp.
I guess I should invest in a ShamWOW!
But then they make up for it..
Lynn's list of things she is thankful for:

See..  someone is teaching her something.
Now could we have this most effective teacher cover the part where we don't plug up the shower with our butt to Ashley?


Ally's Corner said...

Alana does the same thing but with a wash cloth so that is a little better I guess. I'm sorry that happend.
I do like it better when Anna takes shower than Alana. Alana still needs help with hair etc... Anna doesn't so shower is quick and easy.


Emalee said...

I can't help but Laugh!!!