Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today was a great day.
Merrill woke up at 3:30 am not feeling too well.. hoping it's no big deal. I was feeling bad that he was going to miss out on this great day.
I got to take the girls to the first half at our ward, then head off to my younger brother's ward for the baby blessing.
What an awesome day!!
My brother has come a long way.. he's had some trials in his life, and I can say, I have always been praying for him.. praying for his happiness.
It is interesting to see how Heavenly Father has His plan and it is in His time as well.
There have been some great moments, incredible blessings in the life of our family, but some of the greatest, are with my little brother and his family.
The day he and his sweetheart were married in the temple.. there was a thankful family prayer uttered that night. To see how far he's come, what he always wanted, and it was now his.
They recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary, and they have been trying to add to their little family ever since the day they were married. Again, trials and hardships adorned their path, but here they are..
More prayers of thanks.
I am not only thankful for the people that these events have added to our life, but thankful to my Heavenly Father for the lessons learned along the way..
We want things so badly, and in this society, we want them (and can usually get them) right now.
Yet we are taught patience, and we are taught that His time is the time.
I sat in their fast & testimony meeting pondering these thoughts.. just so grateful.
Love you Kev & Randee!
Now can we take some pictures soon? ;)

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