Monday, February 25, 2013

floral lane and sketchbook

two of the newest additions to the ac digitals store today!!

first up:  pebbles “floral lane”.

so sweet and girly…


other goodies used:

brown bag paper:  liv.edesigns

yellow stitching (also adjusted to white for the buttons):  liv.edesigns

(with a hue/saturation adjustment to perk up the yellow a bit.)

white heart:  karla dudley

white stitching:  anna aspnes

buttons, epoxy hearts, and ric-rac:  dani mogstad

staple:  crystal wilkerson

font:  “firefly castle”


and here’s amy tangerine’s “sketchbook”.

I find it funny, that before I even signed on with ac digitals, I bought some of these goodies in the traditional form…  I knew I loved them before they were even digi!!


stitching:  anna aspnes

turquoise splatter brush, frame, and staple:  liv.edesigns

green misting brush:  splendid fiins


I have a certain 5 year old not feeling so hot today.

our day looks like laundry, some cleaning, and finishing up my new magnetic+chalk board wall.

(review on that fun to come soon.)

I am hoping to get to my craft room today, not only to craft, to clean, hopefully to start the chalkboard (notice the absence of magnet there?) and to play.  I found some heidi swapp goodies at michaels last week, I have been itching to play with them for DAYS.

Friday, February 22, 2013

basic frames: my need + want

and liv made the dream come true!!

these are just what I need so often when I am scrapping a page.  sometimes, you just need a simple, sweet frame, nothing to detailed and crazy, just enough of something to set the photo apart from the rest of the page.

they come in black and white, basic and keylined.

(I would suggest you just go for it and get the pack with both!!  or regret it later…)

(as per usual, click on the layout for full credits.)

you even get a bonus on this one: a recipe!!  these cookies are delicious.  the recipe has replaced our standard “go-to” chocolate chip cookie recipe, the one I have memorized and have made pretty much my entire life..

that says a lot.

another bonus, you get staples with these frames that are perfect for either the white or the black frames.

(liv thinks of EVERYTHING!)

here’s the basic:


and here’s the keylined version:


we are spending this snowy utah day inside, with pillows + blankets, ibuprofen, a lion king coloring book, a stack of disney flicks, a good book (for me), and lots and lots of liquids.  you can rest assured that there will be plenty of snuggling going on.  I am even plotting a nap.

all of these things are a sure-fire cure for the ailing five-year old in my life..

Friday, February 15, 2013

pure adoration.

I love liv.

(this shouldn’t be a secret to you..)

so it’s kind of a given that I adore pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the woman makes, and it doesn’t change this week either.

(are you really beginning to love friday’s for one more huge reason?)

here’s a new one that I LOVE..

T + Mini “Pure Adoration”.

I must post the rest of these pix of lynn soon…  I must take pix of pey in her matching purple foil pants soon..  ash?  she doesn’t like “sparkly things”.  it’s just not her “style”.

but this?  pure perfection I must say…

(click on image for full credits.)


next up are these limited edition actions..

and by “limited edition” they mean: “get them while you can!!!”

they are gorgeous…


please be gentle with my heart in the journaling of this next page…

it showcases liv’s newest paint brush set “roll over”.

it has been a difficult week.  maybe someday I will want to talk about it?


have a wonderful weekend!!

happy scrappin’ too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


roll that around in your head…



it doesn’t seem like the day she was born was that long ago… 

five_02_vintage five_06_vintage

but here we are…  she is so excited about 5!


I think it’s funny that she still calls this skirt her “birthday skirt”, still loves to wear it, and was the first thing she thought about wearing today.

(I made it for birthday #3.)

five_07_vintage five_09_vintagefive_03 five_08

there have been a lot of changes, like the obvious things:  height, hair, shoe size…  talking and the like.

then there are the things that haven’t changed:  still sucks on those fingers (trying to break her of that..), she still loves to snuggle, she is the best sleeper of the bunch, the best eater too..

I pray every day to make the most of each with her.  I have never had just me + one little girl at this age, there was always another sidekick floating around.  I hope to make every moment a special one for her.  I have enjoyed her so much! 

this morning, she opened a few of her gifts.  the girl loves the lion king, make-up, and candy, so we chose just a few gifts for her to open first thing, saving a couple more for later.  she opened lion king 2 and got so excited.

“mom!  remember when I watched this a long time ago when I was 4?”

“I remember like it was yesterday…”

and that is how it goes.

she may be five, but she is still my baby..

Friday, February 8, 2013

more layouts for another friday.

we are anticipating another storm here this weekend.  nothing like “nemo” that the east is bracing for right now, but still..  we love our storms.

I plan on staying in the majority of the day.  I get to go to the doctor, for me.  it’s one of those “fun” womanly visits.

I have already popped my aleve, have the heating pad ready for later on, but hope to be comfortable enough to sit up and play at the computer.  I have some serious organizing and creating plans…

wish me luck!

two layouts today with new products from liv:

up first is “evidence”.

this is using a new mini kit from liv called “t+mini vol. 1 – filmed”.

(click on layouts for full credits.)


and here’s “sweet”.

this is supposed to be showcasing the little label that says “sweet” from liv’s “all about love” labels, but all I can seem to focus on is that sweet little face…


excuse the emotion…

this girl is going to be five!!!

I am a little behind (clearing throat..) on her scrapbook.  I have been enjoying every second of her as my baby.  I am not ready to quit, but, well, this is life.

hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you find some time to play!

Friday, February 1, 2013

more in store from liv.edesigns

two new products are up today!

first, there’s a wonderful kit, the first in a long time from liv, and it is SWEET!

“booboo be gone”

as soon as I saw it, I thought of this moment in little peyton’s life.

not so little anymore.  she’ll be 5 (FIVE!!!!) in 12 short days.


(as always, click on layout for full list and links to credits.)


I miss certain parts of these days, but not when there is pain and discomfort, and little that I can do about it…

lynn and I went on a field trip this week to the environmental center.  we got to hike in, in the snow, cross-country ski, and snowshoe.  it was such a fun day, and she is a natural at skiing!

this layout started out with a nice crisp, flat paper, but with the help of “texture magic”, I was able to roughen it up just enough to get the feel I wanted. 

LOVE liv’s tools!


go grab them while you can get them on sale and have some fun this weekend!!