Wednesday, February 13, 2013


roll that around in your head…



it doesn’t seem like the day she was born was that long ago… 

five_02_vintage five_06_vintage

but here we are…  she is so excited about 5!


I think it’s funny that she still calls this skirt her “birthday skirt”, still loves to wear it, and was the first thing she thought about wearing today.

(I made it for birthday #3.)

five_07_vintage five_09_vintagefive_03 five_08

there have been a lot of changes, like the obvious things:  height, hair, shoe size…  talking and the like.

then there are the things that haven’t changed:  still sucks on those fingers (trying to break her of that..), she still loves to snuggle, she is the best sleeper of the bunch, the best eater too..

I pray every day to make the most of each with her.  I have never had just me + one little girl at this age, there was always another sidekick floating around.  I hope to make every moment a special one for her.  I have enjoyed her so much! 

this morning, she opened a few of her gifts.  the girl loves the lion king, make-up, and candy, so we chose just a few gifts for her to open first thing, saving a couple more for later.  she opened lion king 2 and got so excited.

“mom!  remember when I watched this a long time ago when I was 4?”

“I remember like it was yesterday…”

and that is how it goes.

she may be five, but she is still my baby..


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

When did she start looking so grown up? What a beautiful young lady! I remember when she was three! :) happy birthday Peyton!

anniebobannie said...

Happy birthday Peyton!!!

Julie said...

She is such a fun girl! I love the pictures and love that she is so excited to be five! Happy birthday, Pey!