Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hobbies and interests of a three year-old girl.

This is Peyton:


She is three.

Her hobbies and interests include (but are not limited to):

- playing dolls

- chewing gum

- anything Toy Story

- dress-ups

- taking naps at the worst possible times of the day

- saying funny things

- sucking on her fingers

- playing deputy to my sheriff

- hogging the bed

- kicking off the covers

- bubble baths

- screaming

- boobs

and her newest hobby, stamping.

stampin' up!

(She did a fantastic job, didn’t she?)

I like how she got one right on each little nipple, and another one ringed around her belly button…

I am still confused as to how she got them behind each elbow, and in the middle of her back.

Now, a little explanation is required, before you deem me a “negligent mother”.  Little girl seems to take total advantage as soon as the hair-dryer is turned on.

It is like a siren, calling to her, telling her to go and do something she would usually be told “no” to.

She did this same thing on Sunday, only on Sunday, she coated each of her legs.  I had spent a good bit of time washing her body, then noticed the legs.  We were going to be late for church, so needless to say, she wore tights that day.

A bath was administered later, but on Monday, while putting socks on the girl’s feet, I discovered a stamp on the bottom of her foot, that was missed.  Somehow..

Pink ink.

It is something I am tired of seeing.

I told Ashley (who is the owner of the stamp) that if I saw it down again, saw more pink ink, it was going to go missing.

(That means I am going to throw it in the garbage can, and then throw a bunch of other crap on top of it so she can’t see it or get to it, or even WANT to get to it.)

So here we are today, with more pink ink on a three year-old body. 

Guess where the stamp is?

Now I had just assumed that Ash had left it where Peyton could get it, and talked to her about it when I went to pick her up from school.

“She got it down?”

“Did you really put it up?”

“Yeah..  really high.”

Sure enough, when we got home, upon further investigation (no more assumptions), the doll changing table was found in their closet, acting as the needed step-stool to access the world of big sister stuff.

Ashley wasn’t too broken-hearted when I told her I threw it away..

“It was almost out of ink anyway.”

I wonder how that could be?

Peyton is happy though.  It got her a late morning bubble bath, you know, one of her interests.


Bonnie said...

Around here it was markers. Somehow D would find them no matter where I hid them! She is a doll (have you thought of baby modeling for this girl?)

Rachael said...

I've been considering getting Hayden some of his own stamps and stamp markers. (He wont leave mine alone.) But now that I've seen this, I'm not so sure that's such a good idea.

BookwormMom said...

The boys come home all the time with ink all over their arms and hands...it drives Cole crazy, but I figure if you make a big deal about it they just want to do it more. I think Pey looks ADORABLE covered in pink ink!

Ally's Corner said...

Love those things they use as step-stools! Big sister's things are so much more fun!

mandi said...

I love the list. I've got one almost identical.