Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to our normally scheduled programming.

It’s nice to be mostly normal again.

(I mean, as normal as one can be, right?)

After spending about two and a half weeks with sick kids in this house, things are looking up.  We got to go to church yesterday!  See, normal!

My mind is also starting to function more normally.

For example:

I am no longer taking constant inventory on Kleenex.  I do not concern myself with how many we have, or where I have strategically placed them throughout my house.  You know, you have to do that.  If you don’t, well then, when one of the sickies sneezes, and it comes out of almost every hole in their head, you NEED a Kleenex.  I also took stock of Clorox wipes and where they were strategically placed.  I used those almost as often as the Kleenex, what with the sneeze/goober overspray that would end up on either the countertop or the floor.

Eww..  or the walls.

It is also rather lovely to sleep through the night without hearing coughing, and then trying to figure out which of the littles it was.

It is also nice to not have to keep people on a medication schedule.

(Well, except for Peyton, who is still on Amoxicillin.)

So  now I am off on my Monday.  I get to play more today, as the house is mostly clean already.  Mostly clean meaning that we agreed to feed the missionaries for dinner on Sunday late Saturday evening, so I busted my behind to get the house looking good for those guys, and then they cancelled Sunday afternoon.

Two perks in that..

1) my house is already mostly clean.

(And by mostly, I mean there are still the places that the elders wouldn’t see, that need the Monday-ly attention.)

and b) I now have leftovers to feed my family for dinner tonight.

Playtime indeed today.


Julie said...

Hurray!! A (mostly) free day for you. Glad things are getting back to normal and you can take some time to enjoy yourself today.

Bon said...

Have a fun day!

BookwormMom said...

I love those days when the work is mostly guilt! Enjoy your play time!