Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking an inventory of sorts.

There are 3 sick kids at my house.

sick kiddos

We have been dealing with all different levels of sickness for roughly 35 days now.

(On and off, of course.  It feels constant though..)

2 fevers (currently).

3 trips to the doctors.

(One of those was for a dislocated elbow.)

2 prescriptions.

3 co-pays.

2 boxes of Kleenex.

2 containers of Clorox wipes.

Who knows how many rolls of TP.

Lost count of how many doses of cough meds/Tylenol/Ibuprofen have been administered.

Infinite amount of nose wipes.

1,462 cries dealing with boogers falling out of a nose.

Too many hours of missed sleep.

Too many hours to count for snuggles and movie-watching.

Not sure how many books have been read either.

Ounces of liquid are not able to be counted right now.

The humidifier has been filled about 9 times.

Bubble baths happen, on average, about twice daily.

Gallons of soup.

Dozens of grilled cheese sandwiches.  (A few loves of bread worth.)

Caffeine consumption is at least one can a day (depending on how many lost hours of sleep there were the previous night).

Not sure how many cans/bottles we have gone through, but I do know that we (I) have used one large and one small bottle of vanilla syrup.

(It goes well with the caffeine.)

4 days of school missed (between the two school-aged girls).

Naps..  seriously, I can’t count those.  I know that I haven’t gotten my fair share though.

Model magic has been really cool here. Yup, model magic, pipe-cleaners (or chenille covered wires if you want to be fancy), and markers are cool things to be played with.  I’ve gone to JoAnn’s twice now (armed with coupons) to buy the stuff.  This last time, I bought the big guy of model magic.  Hopefully it will last us a while.

2 weeks of church have been missed.

I have a feeling there will be one more.

(At least.)

2 parents who are reeeaallly starting to feel it.


BookwormMom said...

I'm sorry you're sick...let me know if I can do anything for you!

Does this mean you won't be teaching tomorrow? :(

anniebobannie said...

I am so sorry!!! Hopefully Mr.Spring can come so Mr. Sickness cn leave!!!

Ally's Corner said...

So sorry your girls not feeling well. Hoping they feel better soon.

Maecy said...

Hey! Sounds familiar! Next time this happens (Better be next year or beyond!) we should just freely mix our booger factories and allow one another a nap, yes?? Misery loves company and a whole couch-full of sad, miserable people would not be so bad if a nap swap were the outcome :)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I hope you guys get feeling better soon!

Teresa said...

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jaclyn said...

i found a small ball of model magic in cade's pocket... he must of stolen it from your house. sorry about that. :) hope the wee ones feel better soon

Promise said...

I am so sorry that you are sleepless in South Ogden! Totally know what you are going through...and I just keep day dreaming (the only kind of dreaming going on) of warm sun on my face while the kids run around at the park! Praying for you all to get feeling better and sleep! :)