Monday, March 28, 2011

Slice of life.

slice of life

Life for me lately, has been all about the kids.

It seems like they eat all the time.

After school snacks are a must at our house.

Golden Double Stuff Oreos are usually that fare served.

While I would like to take more time doing all the things that I enjoy, I try to immerse myself in the life that I have chosen: to raise a family.

Pictures are slow in coming around these parts.  I tend to take more time in taking them, wanting them to have meaning. 

But I so enjoy these little snapshots of our life.

(I really like Double Stuff Golden Oreos too.)

(But don’t tell my younger brother, he thinks that is blasphemy.)

Go see what life is to others…



Bindi said...

I love this picture!

Red Chestnut Photography said...

Liking oreos as I do, I can especially appreciate this sweet pic! The b/w processing makes it!

Danielle said...

My kids are more of the chcocolate creme fans...I will have to give these a try...this photo is fabulous!

Gina said...

Very cool photo. Love this 'slice of life'!

Creative Escapes said...

I love this for the theme slice of life. Great capture!

Laura Metzger said...

She looks like she is absolutely savoring those cookies.