Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Family Adventure.

A week ago, the last day the Utah State Legislature would be in session, we went to the state capitol, kids in tow, to have an adventure.
(And to see grandpa.  It was a long day for him.)
Lynnie got to sit on the floor with Grandpa for a bit.  Ashley kept turning him down when he would bring Lynn back out.  So Lynn kept going back in.
Ashley wanted to have a turn when she saw that Lynn got a cupcake and some soda.
But we kept ourselves entertained..
mar10 089
Peyton was trying to be so ladylike..
Merrill would patiently wait for Lynn while I ran around taking many pictures, showing the two little girls what cool things are there.
I learned that it is VERY difficult to keep two young girls entertained (and quiet) in the gallery.
It is even more difficult to get nice, sharp pictures while trying to keep my camera steady, with the zoom all the way out, in low light, while trying to entertain two young girls (and keep them quiet)…  in the gallery.
  mar10_11 mar10_14 mar10_15 
Loved the natural frames that exist there.
Loved all the details as well.
mar10_17mar10_10 - Copy mar10_20  mar10_22 mar10_23 mar10_24mar10_21 mar10_25 mar10_26 mar10_29 mar10_30
Perfect way to end our adventure…


Cole said...

It's Jen, I'm on Cole's computer. :)

Cole said...

These pictures turned out amazing, by the way!