Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little inspiration.

I do a lot at the computer.

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Edit pictures, digi scrapbook, blog, create other things digitally..  basically I spend a lot of time in Photoshop.

I have a few choices as to what I can do while I am doing that.  I can listen to music.  I can listen to the girls play.  I can sit in silence.  I can sing to myself.  Before the teenaged DVD player decided to be a grumpy teenager, I could listen to whatever movie (or “ooive” if you are three) the girls were watching, or I can talk on the phone..

I would rather not hear myself sing.  Really.  So that leaves  a few other options.

Around Christmas time, my mom shared a link on her Facebook page to a program on the Mormon Channel

Yup.  I am a LDS (aka “Mormon”) and quite happy with my life…

It was an interview with Ed and Lois Smart.  If you don’t remember, or just don’t know, their daughter was kidnapped from their Salt Lake City home in the middle of the night in May of 2000.  I was pregnant with Lynn, and my days were spent watching all the news I could about this horrible situation.  She was found, March of the next year.  Alive.

This interview was one of the first of the series “Enduring it Well”.  It was what got me hooked.

To listen to their story, what life was like while Elizabeth was missing all of those months was awe-inspiring.  I have listened to many of the interviews on that program since, have some to catch up on, and love what it does for me personally.

It gives me strength.  It gives me a positive way to spend my time here.

I have since become addicted (nearly) to another program “Conversations”.  LOVE the stories that are shared by so many. 

My favorite of all time (so far) is with Herbert Klopfer. He grew up in Nazi Germany.  His story gives me chills!!  His life was full of miracles throughout that time.  I dare you to listen to his interview and not cry..

Member or not, these stories will uplift and inspire.  They truly testify that there is a God, and He loves us all.

The coolest part, you can listen to them on your computer, or download them and listen to them wherever you want!  Makes other chores so much more enjoyable..

So while I try to fill my time doing good things, I also try to find ways to edify myself in the process.

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