Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More ink, I think.

Hey, look at that!  I am a poet and didn’t know it!

(Cheesy, I know, but that is what I do best.)

Lynn decided she wanted to be a leprechaun, or maybe a small hobo, I still haven’t decided.  The pink be-jeweled leotard really is throwing me off..

more ink, i think

So is the hot pink nail polish.

Shortly after this picture was taken, she went and added a moustache.

I wonder where Peyton has been getting her ideas?

Lynn assured me that the little girls don’t think what she did was a good idea.

Ashley assured me that she thought it wasn’t a very good idea.

Peyton remained silent.


Ally's Corner said...

This cracks me up!

anniebobannie said...

SOOO cute! You all needed a little more testosterone in that house!

BookwormMom said...

Oh, dear...they need stage least then it would be more washable!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

this post has me laughing! Oh my. My son loves to color on himself too, and I'm thinking because he does so often, he must think it is the best idea ever! :)(thanks for the virtual hug the other days! :) )

mandi said...

I love this. My eight year old has planned a treasure hunt. Yesterday he painted a map + the path was a rainbow. There are four landmarks. At each one you get something... a beard, a hat, a four-leafed clover, and a pot of gold. I'm really starting to wonder how it is that we're going to come up with beards + hats for the kids he thinks are coming to hunt with him. Hmm.