Monday, December 31, 2012

holiday cheer.

we had a wonderful christmas!! 

here’s just a few of those moments:

(links posted below each layout.)

the lights at ogden’s christmas village.

this song by mindy gledhill really speaks to me.  it is just how I feel about my kids growing SO fast!!  I also identify with it in the respect that I wish the christmas season would just.slow.down.


wood grain paper, snowflakes, and tabs from crate paper “peppermint”.

ric-rac and staple from dani mogstad.

stitching from anna aspnes (frame here and strip has been discontinued).

glitter sheet from shalin studio.

date stamp from liv.edesigns.

fonts:  “ostrich sans rounded” and “lobster two”


this one is priceless!!  these expressions were captured while they opened their main gift.  happy girls!!


paper, tab, and tape bits from crate paper “sleigh ride”.

glitter from sahlin studio.

staple from dani mogstad.

date stamp from liv.edesigns.

stitching from anna aspnes.

torn photo frame from anna aspnes.

fonts:  “bebas” and “pea snow”.


finally, here’s december at a glance, thanks to instagram!!

so many traditions and happenings pictured here:

- christmas eve wrapping party (a.k.a. no sleep for mom and dad.)

- sleeping around the tree on the 23rd

- wrapping sister gifts

- um, winter + utah = cold.  LOVE my seat warmer!!

- lights at temple square

- white chocolate peppermint m&ms (those had better be coming back next year!!!) #addicted

- seeing ‘the nutcracker” with my girls

- our elf christopher

- our book advent

- snow

- sugar cookies!!!

- my newest nativity

- favorite christmas carols

- stack o’ cards

- christmas village


papers, border, button and santa from dani mogstad.

staple from dani mogstad,

zig-zag stitching from anna aspnes.

circle stitching from anna aspnes.

vellum piece is actually a torn photo frame from anna aspnes with the opacity adjusted.

brown bag paper from liv.edesigns.

fonts:  “bebas” and “pea hilary marie”.

this layout is my last for the creative team at jessica sprague.  it has been a fun couple of years!!  it was a dream come true to be accepted as a part of this team.  I was scared to death to submit to the call, but thanks to the encouragement of one designer, I did it.  one of the happiest days of my digi life was when I got an email from her congratulating me.  I’ve made some wonderful friends and have learned so much!  thanks for all the good times ladies!  xox

many great scrappy things are happening for 2013.. 

I will stay on creating and loving all the goodness that is liv esteban (a.k.a liv.edesigns) at jessica sprague.


and I will also be creating and having way too much fun at ac digitals.

I also have MANY goals for the new year, and most of them are craft/scrap/photog related.  time to get back into an awesome routine and start to catch up!!

happy new year!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

the most perfect family photo (and a very merry christmas to you).



(card credits:  main card background: Purdue Avenue Etsy shop; frame: kitschy digitals; leaves and red gems: design by dani.)

almost a month ago, before sickness and the hecticness of the holiday season bombarded our home, we sat down one sunday afternoon to take a candid family photo.

how did I do it?

well, for starters, I begged my family.  told them it was all that I wanted for christmas.

then I told them that they could wear whatever they wanted.

then I told them to bring something to do.  bring a book to read, a toy to play with, or a doll to hold.

I wanted candid…

then I set up my tripod, put my remote on my camera, checked the settings, then had to add my bounce flash to get the lighting just right.

then we were in business.

106 pictures later…

we got it.

and by “it”, I mean four that I could stitch together to make my perfectly candid family photo.

took merrill from here:

dec 157

took lynn from here:

(the peyton + me combo here was a close second for the final cut..)

dec 176

took ashley from here:

(for the record, this is the most pleasant expression I got out of ashley the whole 10 minute ordeal.)

dec 168

and, well, peyton and I were perfect together here:

dec 224

and we got this masterpiece:

(you know, after photoshop magic…)

dec 224 157 168 176_edit crop_boost

and for your enjoyment, consider it a christmas gift from me to you, a couple of outtakes:

dec 149dec 150

because sitting on the couch is SO overrated.

from my family to yours:

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

lessons from pink ribbons.

can I tell you about my day yesterday?

I am not complaining, but, let me tell you, it started out as quite the day.

both of the girls had read-a-thons at school.  on top of that, lynn’s class had a christmas party that I had signed-up to provide cookies for.  because I am awesome (or something of that sort) I purchased said cookies last night.  they sat on the counter, ready for today.  not to be forgotten. 

I got the girls up, got them breakfast and put some cocoa on the stove to warm up.  we made lunches, gathered treats and books for the read-a-thons, then the girls went off and got dressed, and then we did hair.  (also referred to as torturing the girls.)   it was after we did hair, that I was reminded about the cocoa on the stove.

my reminder:

(okay, so not the actual reminder, but the aftermath.)


it was wonderful.

I had left the lid on.  apparently that was a bad idea.  I am not sure, none of it was a good idea really.

it was in that moment, with cocoa all over the stove, some places scorched on, that I realized that I didn’t have bags for ashley’s teacher gifts.  not matter, like she would be able to carry ALL of her stuff anyway?  they would have to wait.

after I got some of the cocoa mess cleaned up, we were off to school.

I dropped the girls off, and as they walked away from the car, blowing kisses and waving one-handed goodbyes, I realize that they don’t have mittens or hats.  it was a cold day.  I hoped they had something in their backpacks.

so peyton and I were off for home.  I planned on hitting the ground running today.  I have a lot to do, and only a few days to do it in.  but that is probably what every mom is saying…

as soon as we got home, there were the cookies, sitting on the entryway table.

we forgot the cookies.

I would have to take them to the school.

I could take hats and gloves too.

and well, while I was at it, I would go get the gift bags and take the teacher gifts to ashley’s class..

and, well, if I was going to the store, I ought to make a grocery list…

and on it went.

peyton and I went to the store, she as ariel, me as myself, gathered our cart full of needs, and then I realized that I had left the debit card


we ditched the cart, ran out to the car, got the debit card, and ran back into the store, re-claimed the abandoned cart, and went to get in line.  the only open line, with four people already in it.

we opted for the self checkout.

I was tired.  it was only 9 am.

I was hoping that the rest of the day would go much smoother than this first part had.

after getting gifts into gift bags, we went to the girls school, and what I saw changed my mind set.


pink ribbons everywhere…..

I was suddenly grateful.

grateful to be going to my girls school.

thankful to have two little girls that needed hats and mittens, cookies, and teacher gifts.

happy that I could do it.

happy that they were safe there, and it wasn’t an emergency bringing me to their school.

there are too many parents in this world right now who are missing a child, missing the day to day errands and activities.

I found my heart full of thanks for our community and the love and unity they are showing to a family, one of our own, who came here to lay their little girl to rest.  it is awesome to be a part of such a wonderful community!

the rest of my day would be just fine.  so what?  the morning didn’t necessarily go the way I wanted it to.  the things on my to-do list were bumped momentarily, but I was thankful that it went the way it did.

most of all, I am thankful for those fluttering pink ribbons that taught me a lesson.

Monday, December 17, 2012

new project life “seafoam” edition.

I have already started mentally compiling my list of goals for the year 2013.

one of those goals is to actually remember to write 2013, not 2012, and when I do write 2012, to not say crap.

another goal is to start project life.

I (taking a deep breath…) am not caught up on all of my scrapbooking.

(huge exhale.)

I know. 

it is like a huge sin for me to not be caught up.

I am not sure if I can even admit just how far behind I am….

but I can say this:

while searching for a couple of specific pictures last week,  I was brought to a realization:  there are a lot (like A LOT) of pictures that have just been left for my hard drive to enjoy.  there are moments captured that I forgot about.  these need to be out and enjoyed. 

project life is so crazy cool, and there are many of my friends who inspire me with their project life layouts.  I just need to start. 

there are a few blog posts, even vlogs out there, that have inspired me further, and even reaffirmed my decision, that this is what I need to do.

you can rest assured, that I have a pinboard started for all things project life.  what would I do without pinterest?  I mean, really?!

pictures are already being organized on the hard drive…

excitement abounds!!

so, diving in head first, here is one for you, with the most brand-spanking new edition of a project life kit at that!!!


this is the seafoam edition, available today at ac digitals.

(psstt!!  you can get it on sale at 20% off until sunday.)

other elements used on this page include:

- becky higgins project life template “f”

- stitching from anna aspnes

- staple from dani mogstad

- date stamp from liv.edesigns


“my type of font”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

jovi smashing a cake and being pretty darn cute.

this is my friend savannah’s baby.

(you might remember sav and her gorgeous family…)

and I really shouldn’t say that this is her baby..  miss jovi turned one, and well, we all know that my favorite thing in the world these days is a cake smash…

I am not sure, but I am fairly certain that I could have another baby, hope that her eyes are this gorgeous, and I would dress her up, feed her cake, and take pictures of her

yes, this was quite fun. 

don’t believe me?

well take a look…

(and pardon the picture overload.  you REALLY thought I could pin down my favorites to just a few?!)

jovi_05_b&w burnjovi_07_b&w burnjovi_10_crop_b&w burnjovi_15_b&w burnjovi_18_vintage burnjovi_19_vintage burn

dive baby!!!  dive!!!!

jovi_23_vintage burnjovi_26_vintage burnjovi_30_vintage burnjovi_31_vintage burn

and this sequence, I just couldn’t resist…

jovi_34_b&w burnjovi_35_b&w burnjovi_37_b&w burnjovi_38_b&w burn

aaaand, then we were done!

jovi_42_b&w boost

Monday, December 10, 2012

a very shmootzy christmas to you.

so there were these brushes (digi talk for “stamp”) to use for this week’s releases.

I kinda sorta fell in love with them.

and well, when I paired them with this mixed media canvas, and the glittery gold paper, magic happened I tell you.

it was one of the few good things that happened at my house this last week.

(children taking turns getting sick, in the middle of the night at that..  and then the worst.thing.ever..  my husband getting sick…  yeah, this was good.)

you can click on the layout, like usual, for a full list of creds.


(note that this particular pic was taken before the chaos ensued.)

(what myself NOW would have told myself THEN..  like: go buy jello and gingerale!!!  STAT!!)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

quinn k.

quinn came to me with a bag of dark chocolate mint m&ms, and a request for some headshots for a audition that was taking place the next day.

how could I say no to the kid?

I knew we would have fun.

and we did.

check out his smolder…

quinn 006_edit_b&wquinn 024_edit_b&wquinn 044_editquinn 050_edit_b&wquinn 069_edit_b&wquinn 079_edit_b&w

hoping he gets HIS part!!

(watch, one day he’ll be famous.)

Friday, December 7, 2012

a little more christmas cheer..


so this is christmas last year..  it was a great year, a great christmas, and so what if I want to re-create it all again this year?

I love this time of the year..

click on layout for full list of credits, but I can tell you that most of the love here, belongs to liv.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

luke–cake smash

remember this sweet guy?

he is one.

(yes, sadly it happens to other people too.  I thought I was the only one who had children who are growing up way too fast.)

this kid was so much fun!!

he was awesome for his portraits, and totally cracked us up with his cake.  he simply couldn’t wait to dive into it.  he enjoyed every bite and lick.

luke_1 070_edit_b&w burnluke_1 103_edit_b&w burnluke_1 117_edit_boostluke_1 149_edit_b&w burnluke_1 190_edit_b&w burnluke_1 206_edit_boostluke_1 225_edit_boostluke_1 240_edit_boostluke_1 276_edit_crop_b&w burn

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

post family

here is a sweet family whose pictures I took on black friday.

( I would MUCH rather be doing this, than fighting for my life at a store when I should really be asleep…)

november 041_edit_crop_vintagenovember 042 043_edit_b&wnovember 061 055_edit_vintagenovember 066_edit_b&wnovember 100_edit_crop_b&wnovember 084_edit_vintagenovember 094_edit_vintagenovember 103_editnovember 109_edit_crop_vintagenovember 131_edit_vintagenovember 202_edit_vintagenovember 285_edit_vintage