Thursday, December 8, 2011

sweet baby luke.

one week old babies are now my new favorite.

they smell so good.

they sleep so good.

they are just sweet!

here’s luke:


funny story about sweet luke’s dad..

his dad and I went to the same school in the sixth grade.  his family moved into my neighborhood the summer right before sixth grade.  he and his very cute four brothers were like fresh produce at the grocery store.  all the girls adored them.  I crushed on luke’s dad pretty hard.

his family moved a town away, but we all stayed close.  we saw each other every once in a while, and then he and his wife moved into our neighborhood.

they are such a sweet family!

luke_04luke_15_b&wluke_16_vintageluke_18_vintageluke_20_b&w_crop luke_22_b&wluke_28_vintageluke_31_vividluke_25_b&w

so happy I got to photograph little luke.


MEK said...

He is SO cute!!!

aLi said...

Ah, Mindy. I guess it's about time I leave a comment. I've been stalking you for quite some time. (1, 2 years???) I just think you're the bomb diggity domb. Who probably wouldn't remember me. But anyway, I'm sure you do. And I LOVE your blog. We're talking laughing out loud so my husband starts wondering what I'm reading about. Plus your photos are always beautiful. Especially this time when I checked your blog and I saw my nephew! I'm Sweet Luke's Aunt Ali. (hee hee)
Thank you sooooooooo much for taking his pictures and posting them on your blog. Made my heart so happy. I live in St. Louis now, but I got to meet and hold Luke when he was born (I was there for Erin's wedding).
Anyway, I love your pictures of him and I always enjoy coming and visiting your blog and getting a good chuckle. I was so sad when you quit blogging (in my record I think you've quit twice??? ...1 time for sure.) :) :) :)
Lots of love to you!!! Keep up the good work. :)