Monday, December 19, 2011

I mustache you question…

isn’t this line the cutest?!


(click on layout for list of full credits.)

echo park’s latest “times & seasons” has these great elements for both heritage/traditional type pages, and then stuff for the funny/silly/hairy variety.

perfect for a few pictures taken at lake powell with our fake mustaches.

(thanks jaclyn, those were a blast!!!)

so many more fun and exciting things going on here..  fun activities, darling pictures, silly stores, etc.

but those will have to come after I wrap all of those christmas gifts.

(and cram in everything else I let wait until the week of…)

I am aiming at getting that chore done before christmas eve.  there is nothing quite like staying up until 3 am (christmas morning, really) wrapping gifts, thinking about how all of this hard work and lost sleep will be in the garbage can within hours.

there’s some christmas spirit for ya!!

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anniebobannie said...

That was me last year! I didn't even realize I hadn't wrapped anything until we were supposed to put presents out!!! This year (suprizingly) I am on top of it!!!