Saturday, December 3, 2011

mayes family

this is my family.

(I must say that we are a good-looking bunch.)


all of those darling grandkids…


my grandpa with some of his great-grandkids.


my mom and dad, me and my siblings and their spouses..  oh, and merrill too.


and this is what happens when you tell everyone to kiss whoever is next to them:

(I especially love the front row..  ashley, james, cade pretending he’s gonna smooch levi..)


us kids and grandpa…  he was such a good sport.


mom and dad with grandpa.  grandpa was the only one who kept his eyes on the camera and didn’t talk while this picture was taken.  it took many tries to get this..


and then there’s mom and dad.  they have always taught us how important it is to be affectionate.


(I think it should be my mom’s new facebook profile picture..)


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love these! :)

MEK said...

I love these. Your family has gotten SO big. I remember when Halley ( sure I didn't spell it right) Was your world. Now you have your 3 girls and ALL those other nieces and nephews so love

anniebobannie said...

Super darling! You guys are so cute!
LOVE that your parents are still in love and show it!