Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I’m dreaming of a toothless Christmas.

here is my sweet ash:


this time last night, she lost her first tooth.

in this pic her cheeks are still slightly tear-stained and her eyes a bit shiny.  she didn’t take to this development very well initially.

I can honestly tell you that my kids can bribe me.  sounds backwards I know.  but if they want something, and they have a loose tooth, they will get what they want just about every time if the words, “and I will let you wiggle my tooth” are attached.

that is how ashley lost her tooth last night.

I cannot recall what it was she wanted.

I just remember that I got to wiggle her little tooth.  then, it got stuck behind her other front tooth and she wanted it “back to normal”.  but that was not what she got.  I got it out of it’s stuck position in every way.  got it out of her mouth.

lynn freaked.

(she doesn’t like blood.)

her freaking freaked merrill.

ashley cried.

she looked at herself and said, “now I look ugly!”

she said she wasn’t going to go to school because, “everyone will look at me.”

we talked about that and decided that it wouldn’t be that bad.  today was a half day, so they would only look at her for half of the day.  by the next full day, it would be old news.

(but I am sure her classmates will still look at her.)

when ash initially told me she had a loose tooth, I assumed it was a bottom guy.  I am still weirded-out by the tooth-falling-out-order situation with this kid.  I mean, she refused to be born the conventional way (not that I am complaining.  I loved the c-section.  but it was pricey!), she is pretty stubborn about most things in life, and now, her teeth are going to fall out all wonky.

(totally kidding.  I am aware that there is no set order for this occurrence.)

I am just accustomed to the bottom middle guys taking the fall first.

the second emotion I felt when she first told me of her loose tooth was sadness.  was she really getting older and reaching another milestone?

I thought I told her to knock this business off…

and her perfect little teeth..

those perfect baby teeth…


but now, I am loving this gap, and the cute little lisp that accompanies it.

she likes the perfect little nook in which to stick her straw.

she got over her sadness when we started talking about all the pros to this situation, like the straw thing, the tooth fairy, and how she would be queen of the day today.  popsicles also helped.  she picked out her own box at the store and promptly turned her whole mouth green. 

as part of the “queen of the day” arrangement we have here, tonight, she picked dinner: spaghetti and meatballs.  she enjoyed feeding herself spaghetti through her new gap.

I am hoping for the next door fellow (who is also loose) to fall out soon.  would prefer it to fall out before christmas, cause really, it would just be too cute!

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Sean Butcher said...

Ashley's lost tooth was dramatically emphasized in that picture. Not to mention her hair, smile and pose made it perfect. Pulling off her tooth wasn't a bad idea after all, Mindy. But if this wasn't done successfully, it might have caused the teeth on the both sides of the gap to loosen and become sensitive to cold.

Sean Butcher