Friday, December 30, 2011

gunning for “mother of the year”.

I might just totally get it too.

so we had a little cold floating around our house before thanksgiving.  it went from peyton, to me, to ash, and it was fun!

so when december rolled around, and some of us were still suffering from some cold-like symptoms, still, I thought it was just that, the cold.

then ashley started to complain that her head hurt (here’s where “mother of the year” comes in).  complaints would start rolling in as soon as it was bedtime, and being the night-owl she is, I thought it was all a ruse so she would get to stay up late.  but the complaints stayed consistent, and being the great mother I am, I drugged her up with some good old tylenol.  I thought that perhaps, she wasn’t getting enough hydration, enough sleep?

so this goes on for a week, maybe more.  face it, I am running for “mother of the year”, I really didn’t keep track.

then one night, I start to realize that my head has been hurting too. 

(I was sure it was a result from the complaints and lack of sleep on my end of the deal.)

then my teeth start to hurt.

there was junk in my throat too.

then the pieces (the first ones anyway) fell into place.

I had a sinus infection!

then a light bulb went on in my little noodle; and it sounded like gru from “despicable me”.

“yight bulb.”

ashley had a sinus infection too.

so I took us, and our twin sinus infections to the doctor, to pay twin co-pays, and twin doctor bills soon as well, and got us a couple of prescriptions.

then I went and stocked-up on more drugs, cause that advil congestions relief is awesome.

things got better, kind of.

then ashley got all itchy.

ashley is allergic to penicillin.

so fun!

so our christmas break consisted of her, getting in her three doses of azithromycin, and ensuring that the doctor noted her new allergy on her chart.

I am so thankful thankful that I am able to instant message my doctor!

(and not have a new co-pay to pay…)

see, “mother of the year” material here.

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Ally's Corner said...

Prescriptions for sinus infection lucky you. My girls get nothing they have to tough it out. You are doing what every mother does. I would have done the same thing.